Classroom management and disruptive behavior

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To begin this presentation, I’d like you to reflect upon these questions:

Are you being worn out by your students?

Doyou feel as if the whole class had taken over and it is impossible to teach anything?

Are you having class management problems?

First let's look at reasons why the children might be misbehaving.Are they bored? Do some of them have behavior problems such as ADD and disrupt the class for others? Maybe the children find English hard and do not think they can learn it so they hide their lack ofconfidence behind their misbehavior. Maybe the naughty child just thinks that the teacher does not like him or her. Or maybe the children are not motivated to be good because they are never praisedwhen they are well behaved…
As teachers we are aware of the different teaching techniques, strategies, and plans to be used in class in order to run it smoothly. However, we also know that if thestudents respect you and like you they will naturally behave well and pay attention so as to please you. Good classroom management comes from the teacher’s attitude and decision to earn the students loveand respect. To my mind, that is one of the keys. It is not about being their best friend; it is about gaining their trust, showing them you truly care.
Another aspect to be dealt with is ContentManagement. I believe it is not only about building rapport, but also having the ability to plan and design tasks according to your “classroom’s personality”, to offer a variety in lesson plans and promptthe students to discuss and really take part in their learning, in order to gain as well as maintain students’ cooperation in learning activities. Content management occurs when teachers administerspace, materials, equipment, students, and the lessons which are part of a program of studies. This requires a lot of planning and reflection on movement and group management (format, accountability,...