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<div align="center"><TABLE align="center" bgcolor="#000000" width="800">
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<TD width="372" bgcolor="#000000"><palign="center"><font face="Algerian" size="+3" color="#FFFF00"><b>Your title here</b></font></p>
<div style="overflow:auto; height:350px; padding: 20px;"><fontface="Comic Sans MS" color="#FFFF00">Put your own text here to fill out the box. This is where you can put in images, glitter text, avatars and text. Use different fonts and write about yourself and yourhorses. You can use the howrseinfo ready made layouts for your personal profile page and also for your equestrian center profile. Remember not to put any personal information here and to stay safe onthe web. Once you have generated your layout you can easily change the image and overwrite the text. If you want to it is easy to generate a whole new layout. If you get an error message when you saveyour presentation click on save again. If this still does not work generate a new layout and make sure you choose all the options.</FONT></DIV></TD>
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<divstyle="overflow:auto; height:350px; padding: 20px;"><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#FFFF00">You can easily change your Howrse profile.
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