Building high performance teams

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Building High
Performing Teams


Introduction 4

What is a High Performing Team? 1
Planning 1
Hiring top candidates 1
Creating the culture 1
Self-motivation 2
Reward and recognition 2

The 5 Goals of a ProjectManager 3
Goal 1: To finish on time 3
Goal 2: To finish under budget 3
Goal 3: To meet the requirements 3
Goal 4: To keep customers happy 3
Goal 5: To ensure a happy team 4

How to Hire the Right Staff 4
Define the role 4
Find top candidates 5
Interviewcandidates 5
Test candidates 6
Select candidate 6

How to Lead Your Projects 7
It doesn’t take a guru 7

It’s all about Motivating Staff 8
It’s individual 8
Make it fun 9
Don’t burn-out 9
Regroup 9
Reward and recognize 10

How to ManageProject Politics 10
Create a Project Board 10
Build relationships 11
Manage change 11

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Helping your Team to Manage Project Stress 11
Time-out 12
Rallying 12Boosting 12
Pin-pointing 12
Self-administering 12

How to Resolve Project Conflict 13
Face it 13

Tips for Running Project Meetings 14
Plan wisely 14
Open and close carefully 14
Control the conversation 15
Park it and move on 15
Keep it actionorientated 15

And there you have it! 16

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Building high performing teams

It’s fair to say that highperforming managers have a gifted ability to hire, lead and manage high performing teams. If that’s someone you’d like to be, then find out how to do it by reading this eBook.

You’ll learn how to:
Hire the right team
Lead by example
Motivate staff
Manage politics and conflict Reduce stress levels

Runeffective meetings.

Of course there’s no silver bullet to managing projects. But if you can hire, lead and motivate
a quality team to achieve the project goals then it’s a great start! It all depends on you really.
Don’t get bogged down with the project at the micro level, instead step back and take a
helicopter view. Hire the right people andtrust them to do the job well. Lead and motivate
these people, offering them help and support when they need it. Your job is to be the ship’s
captain: you set the course, motivate the team and keep the ship on track but you don’t
scrub the decks or hoist the rigging! With that in mind, here’s how to build high performing
teams.© 2011 All rights reserved.

What is a High Performing Team?

A high performing team is one that delivers what is asked for, when it is asked without you
having to roll your sleeves up and get involved as the Project Manager on a daily...
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