Brohemian rhapsody

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  • Publicado : 14 de março de 2013
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Is this my real size?
Or is this light trickery?
Caught in a gains-slide
No escape from hypertrophy.
Look down at your thighs,
Squat up to the skiesand see..
I have no girlfriend, I need your sympathy
Because gains "easy come, easy go"
Press up high, squat down low
Any way SS blows, GOMAD doesn’t matter to me,
to me

Scooby, justsquatted 3plaet
Put a pin inside my leg
Pushed the plunger, natty’s dead
Scooby, lifts had just begun
But now I feel like snorting creatine
Scooby, ooo
Didn’t mean to inject tren
If I'm not in the gymthis time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on, as if skateboard squats are useful

Too late, crossfit lifts have come
I see them round their spines
In snap city in no time
Time for kipping pullups –it’s eighty reps
Gonna disregard your form and lift for time
Scooby, ooo - (any way SS blows)
I don't want this feel
I sometimes wish I'd never found /fit/ at all

I see the DYEL silhouette-o of aman
New Year Fag, Summer Fag, will you do the Four-day-split?

Sudden Hypertrophy! -- >Implying I am natty – me!
Mark Rippetoe, (Mark Rippetoe)
Mark Rippetoe, (Mark Rippetoe)
Mark Rippetoe,T-Rex Mode -- magnifico!
I'm just a manlet, nobody loves me
He's just a manlet from a short family
Tallfags are jealous of his hypertrophy
Feeling gains, sore DOMS pains – watch me, how I grow!He’s bulking! No! We will not let you grow! -- Let him grow!
Whey Powder! We will not let you grow! -- Let him grow!
Oats and Milk! We will not let you grow! -- Let me grow!
Will not let you grow! --Let me grow! Never!
Never let you grow! -- Let me grow!
Never let me grow! -- ooo

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Oh , fucking hip drahve, fucking hip drahve, fucking hip drahve! (No Homo!)
There’sa sick cunt – has aesthetics put aside for me!
for me!
for me!!

(Clanging Lifts Solo in key of 4plaet-Deadlift)

So you think you out-squat me and don’t Ass To Grass?!
So you think you...
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