Brazilian culture

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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2013
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Brazilian culture
I agree with Antônio Xerxenesky. He mentions the positive and the negative aspects of the brazilian culture, but emphasizing the negative because of what happened in SantaMaria last month.
Culture is a dynamic and continuous process of acquisition of new customs and ways of acting, thinking and behaving that individuals of a particular cultural group willacquire during its existence and its relationship with other cultures that surround them and here in Brazil we have a diversified one. Since the discovery of Brazil, the Brazilian people began to beformed by mixing of peoples and cultures existing in the world.
The Portuguese when they arrived they found the Indians who inhabited this land with a culture totally different from all theothers already seen by Portuguese, and then were born the first mestizos. With the arrival of a large number of Africans brought to work, this mixture of races and cultures further increased.In the following centuries, when there was already a large percentage of mestizos, began arriving other people like the Italians, Germans, Dutch, Spanish, French, English, and others who saw inBrazil a new opportunity of work and wealth, increasing the mix of peoples customs and habits. The arrival of people from other cultures never stopped and continues to the present day. The proofis the number of Chinese, Japanese and Koreans who came to Brazil in recent decades.
In general, Brazilians are proud of their culture. The media, artists, intellectuals, rulers and otheropinion leaders often praise the wonders of the national culture, put it on a pedestal, consider it almost untouchable. However, there are some elements in our culture highly questionable anddetrimental to the good of our country. Unless we have the courage to make an honest self-criticism, rethinking and reshaping our concepts and behaviors, we will not be the prosperous nation we desire.