Bear natural xampu proposed marrket research

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  • Publicado : 18 de junho de 2012
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Bear Natural Shampoo

BEAR C.A. This company wants to position itself in the customers objective , because it
makes products to improve the living standards of both the children and the mothers with the need
to protect and care for their children with natural products and anti - allergic to price lower market

To enter a new product to market and to offer another alternative to your targetaudience, this
product is a shampoo called BEAR NATURAL SHAMPOO and like the other products is to offer
protection and hygiene at the best price




Market Research

After completing the surveys to mothers and grandmothers of children in the research market, the
company made ​ in different strategic points such asperfumeries, supermarkets, shops, chemists
about its kind of products on the market and based on their advantages and disadvantages

They recognized the following points:

the company has concluded that the products (Schampoos) for children who are in the market have
not prices less accessible to the consumer, irritate baby's skin, little packages have insuranceand
finally are impractical to handle. The vast majority do not irritate the eyes and some people rely on
the care they give the baby's hair.

To Expand

Create innovative products

Have good acceptance in the market

Offer consumers quality at low prices

Consolidate as a company

Having to improve about the product

Having a staff trained in the preparation and distrbutin ofproducts

Prices economic 05%

Irritate the eyes 05%

Protect baby's hair 25%

They protect the skin of the baby 10%

easier to carry 30%

Safety package 20%

Product quality 05%

Customer Needs

Appeared the idea of creating a product for hair hygiene among the most important characteristics
is that it is made ​from plants natural.
Product Features


From the viewpoint of the product manufacturer has the following characteristics:

The packaging of this product is strong and resilient material (unbreakable), allowing customers
greater security . It has a very strong lid that allows the product is not exposed to air at time of
purchase, giving the consumer great confidence in the quality.Label
The main label BEAR NATURAL SHAMPOO is colored yellow, with a child design, where there are
different colors to clear the children feel identified with it.
Another component of the label is the slogan, "with elements of nature." We complete the label
with a drawing of a bear in a bathtub with lots of soap bubbles enjoying a nice swim and enjoy the


Theproduct goes from manufacturer to the supermarket and this leads to the final consumer.

Easer to carry by the design ñ or container

It has an unbreakable container

It is anti-allergic by a special component that has

Not eyes irritation

It is a pleasant fragrance

It is very economic

The material is raw economic

The material is 100% national

The profit margin is highwith respect to investment

Physical Distribution Strategy

The means of transport used for distributing physical product to the reseller will be Earth because it
is an inexpensive, also the company got:

4 vehicles,

2 vans and two trucks

The trucks will be available in the event that the dealer can not find the product on their own or in
cases where the orders do notcover the required quantities (50,000 units) to be transported by Bear

telephone number: 800-Bear who will receive orders and will be assigned to dealer.


Our products have very different characteristics to those used by other companies
We instead vary the composition of the flowers that make the BEAR NATURAL SHAMPOO by
applying a new ingredient that does not...