E-procure/excel consulting

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Questão Colocada

À luz dos conhecimentos adquiridos em Psicossociologia das Organizações, analise a situação anterior.

(Trabalho 2)
E-Procure/Excel Consulting
Molly was a senior manager with Excel in the supply chain line of business (…). Mollyhad been asked by George Fry to join the team in early August. She had worked on numerous strategic sourcing engagements through the firm and was considered an expert in the area. Due to her experise, Molly had been assigned to lead the design efforts of the SeP software product (e-Procurement). Her specific responsibilities involved managing all design efforts for the project, including managing ateam of three professionals and ensuring project deadlines and deliverables were met.
Sonya and Claire began working on the designs immediately after their first meeting with Molly.Three weeks was a short period of time to complete all the research, and designs and documentation. Sonya knew this project was her chance to prove herself and make a positive impression on Molly and, more importantly,on George.
Sonya had worked on a strategic sourcing project in the past and was familiar with the Excel methodology. Sha had also developed relationship with other supply chain managers in the Toronto office, so she was abble to call them for reference materials and help with any questions. Sonya felt uncomfortable approaching Molly with too many questions for a variety of reasons: Molly alwayssemed busy or preoccupied; Molly was never very friendly or warm towards her and Sonya didn’t want to leave the impression that she needed a lot of help and couldn’t handle the task herself. Sonya spent a lor of time researching the first few steps of the process and worked day and night trying to come up with good ideas for the designs. She had developed a good relationship with Maria, the junioranalyst on her team. Maria was very helpful in conducting any research and putting together the documentation that was necessary.
Sonya thought it was important that she work together with Claire on the designs in order to integrate them, but found Claire to be very secretive about her designs and any progress she had made with them. Sonya knew that Claire would have to spend more time upfrontunderstanding the proccess because she didn’t have any previous experience with strategic sourcing. Sonya had offered Claire help if she had any questions about the process, but Claire only asked Molly any questions she had. Although Sonya had tried to make several attempts to talk and work with Claire on the designs, she had been unsuccessful.
Sonya had noticed that Claire and Molly had recentlybecome very good friends. They often went to the gym together after work and met for coffe in the morning. This made Sonya feel very uncomfortable because she knew that both she and Claire were up for early promotion within a few months.
Three weeks had passed and Molly had scheduled a team meeting to go over designs before the final presentation at the end of the week. Both Claire and Sonya hadsent their documentation at Molly a few days before the meeting. Molly had been unable to look at anything before the meeting, however, because she had been busy helping other teams on the project. Sonya presented her designs first, since she had designed the first two modules. Molly was impressed with all the work she had done and congratulated Sonya for her efforts. Claire presented next, butwithin 15 minutes of the presentation, Molly told her to stop and asked, “Why are the designs not integrated?”
Sonya wasn’t sure how to respond. She didn’t want to complain about Claire, but at the same time she didn’t want it to seem like she had never thought about integrating the designs. Sonya left the meeting very frustrated. She had spent so many weeks working on her designs and now she had...
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