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User's Manual
RAR 4.20 console version

Welcome to the RAR Archiver!


RAR is a powerful tool allowing you tomanage and control archive
files. Console RAR supports archives only in RAR format, the names
of which usually have a ".rar" extension. ZIP and other formats
are not supported. Windows users may install GUI RAR version - WinRAR,
which is able to process many more archive types.

While console RAR and GUI WinRAR have the similar command line syntax,
some differences exist. So itis recommended to use this rar.txt manual
for console RAR (rar.exe in case of Windows version) and winrar.chm
WinRAR help file for GUI WinRAR (winrar.exe).

RAR features include:

* Highly sophisticated, original compression algorithm
* Special compression algorithms optimized for text, audio,
graphics data, 32 and 64-bit Intel executables
* Better compressionthan similar tools, using 'solid' archiving
* Authenticity verification (registered version only)
* Self-extracting archives and volumes (SFX)
* Ability to recover physically damaged archives
* Locking, password, file order list, file security & more ...

Configuration file

RAR for Unix reads configuration information from the file .rarrcin the user's home directory (stored in HOME environment variable)
or in /etc directory.

RAR for Windows reads configuration information from the file rar.ini,
placed in the same directory as the rar.exe file.

This file may contain the following string:

switches=any RAR switches, separated by spaces

For example:

switches=-m5 -s

Environment variable~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Default parameters may be added to the RAR command line by establishing
an environment variable "RAR".

For instance, in Unix following lines may be added to your profile:

RAR='-s -md1024'
export RAR

RAR will use this string as default parameters in the command line and
will create "solid" archives with 1024 KB sliding dictionary size.RAR handles options with priority as following:

command line switches highest priority
switches in the RAR variable lower priority
switches saved in configuration file lowest priority

Log file

If the switch -ilog is specified in the command line or configuration
file, RAR will write informational messages,concerning errors
encountered while processing archives, into a log file. Read switch
-ilog description for more details.

The file order list for solid archiving - rarfiles.lst

rarfiles.lst contains a user-defined file list, which tells RAR
the order in which to add files to a solid archive. It may contain
file names,wildcards and special entry - $default. The default
entry defines the place in order list for files not matched
with other entries in this file. The comment character is ';'.

In Windows this file should be placed in the same directory as RAR
or in %APPDATA%\WinRAR directory, in Unix - to the user's home directory
or in /etc.

Tips to provide improved compression and speed ofoperation:

- similar files should be grouped together in the archive;
- frequently accessed files should be placed at the beginning.

Normally masks placed nearer to the top of list have a higher priority,
but there is an exception from this rule. If rarfiles.lst contains such
two masks that all files matched by one mask are also matched by another,
that mask which matches a smaller...
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