Whole foods market

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Assignment on

Whole Foods Market

Opening a branch in São Paulo - Brazil

Student: Irani Carreiro Sgarbossa
ID: L0002DADA0212
Module: Management Skills and Entrepreneurship
Cohort: MBA – Semester 1 – Group C
Lecturerers: Mr. Rajendra Kumar and Ms. Tatiana Pavlovsky
Date: August 2012

List of Contents

1. ExecutiveSummary 4

2. Business Description 5

2.1. Mission Statement…………………………………………………….. 5

2.2. Goals and Products Description 6

2.3. Supply Chain Management 7

2.4. Agreements and Ownership Structure 8

2.5. PESTLE Analysis 8

3. Business Opportunities 10

3.1. SWOT Analysis 10

3.2. Types of Consumers 11

3.3. Geographical Area 13

3.4. IndustryAnalysis 14

4. Marketing Strategy 14

4.1. Costing and Pricing 14

4.2. Sales Projection 17

4.3. Marketing Plan 19

4.4. Advertisement 20

5. Business Operations 21

5.1.Operational Level 21

5.2. Risk Management and Exiting the Market 22

5.3. Services Offered 23

5.4. Personnel 23

5.5. Operational Functions 25

6. Technology 25

7. Finances 277.1. Revenue 27

7.2. Expenses 28

7.3. Financial Projection 29

8. Conclusion 31

9. Reference and Bibliography 32

10. Appendices 35

10.1. Sao Paulo – Geographical Area 35

10.2. Brazil to set new sustainability standard 36

List of Tables and Figures

2.3. Supply Chain Management Process 7

3.1. SWOT Analysis 10

3.2.1. Types of Consummers – Age Structure 123.2.2. Types of Consummers – Social Class 12

3.2.3. Types of Consummers – Vegetarians and eco-friendly 13

4.2.1. First Year Montlhy Sales Projection 18

4.2.2. Annual Sales Projection 19

4.3. Ansoff´s Matrix for Whole Foods Market 20

4.4. Slogan - Whole Foods Market 21

5.4. Personnel Structure 23

6. ERP Software by SSYH Layout 26

7.1.1. Montly Revenue 27

7.1.2. AnnualRevenue 27

1. Executive Summary

Whole Foods Market is an American company with stores, besides the US, in Canada and United Kingdom. This business plan studies the opportunity for the company to open a branch in Sao Paulo, Brazil, one of the five largest metropolitan areas and the most developed state in the world. The business will have a great opportunity for being the firststore where customers will find all varieties of organic products in just one place. By organic, it is considered the products with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and no use of pesticides on its plantation.

Organic foods market is growing fast, more suppliers are being organic certified and customer´s trend is for eating healthy. The store will be supplied locally andwill use ecological technology, which is a good hype to attract ecological-concerned costumers. The country economy is stable and support consumers to spend in high quality products.

The Capital employed will from the company and it will use the differentiation managerial strategy by empowering the local team to take decisions, making all the process quickly and more efficient.Concerning the risk management a precaution was made to avoid the weaknesses and threats that might face the business.

After describing the internal, external factors of the business, the industry, suppliers, types of costumers, the technology it is going to be used and the business operations, a financial analysis was estimated by costing the fixed and variable costs, projecting the sales anddirecting the marketing plan. Despite the report presents few limitations for finding accurate numbers for some costs and inflation, the figures were nearly estimated and made it possible to calculate the financial projections.

The analyses showed that this is a great opportunity for the company, with steady growth and rapid return on investment.

2. Business Description...
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