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Verbs : suffer – sofrer /To feel pain or distress; sustain loss, injury, harm, or punishment. / Ex this author suffers in translation
Accompany – acompanhar/ To be or go with as a companion. / Toadd to; supplement: a dish best accompanied with a robust wine.
Swell – inchar/To increase in size or volume as a result of internal pressure; expand.
Demand – exigir /To ask for urgently orperemptorily: demand an investigation into the murder; demanding that he leave immediately; demanded to speak to the manager.
Vocabulary :Contract – contratar/An agreement between two or more parties,especially one that is written and enforceable by law. /The writing or document containing such an agreement.
Option-opção/The act of choosing; choice/The power or freedom to choose.
Environment - meioambiente/ The circumstances or conditions that surround one; surroundings./ The totality of circumstances surrounding an organism or group of organisms, especially:
stove - fogão /An apparatus inwhich electricity or a fuel is used to furnish heat, as for cooking or warmth./A device that produces heat for specialized, especially industrial, purposes.
furnished, mobiliado- provided with whateveris necessary for a purpose (as furniture or equipment or authority); "a furnished apartment"; "a completely furnished toolbox"
unfurnished – sem mobília/not equipped with what is needed especiallyfurniture; "an unfurnished apartment"
cupboard - armário- A closet or cabinet, usually with shelves for storing food, crockery, and utensils.
cabinet - gabinete - An upright, cupboardlike repositorywith shelves, drawers, or compartments for the safekeeping or display of objects.
closet - armário/ A cabinet or enclosed recess for linens, household supplies, or clothing./ A small private chamber,as for study or prayer./ A water closet; a toilet.
tub – banheira/An open, flat-bottomed vessel, usually round and typically wider than it is deep, used for washing, packing, or storing.
wall –...
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