Ingles travel vocabulary

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-Travel vocabulary  departure (n) 1. The act of leaving; a starting out, as on a trip or a new course of action. Ex2: Your Eurostar departure will normally be between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., although on some holidays an earlier start of around 6 a.m. is necessary.  departures (n) 1. the place at an airport where people leave when they board (get on) a plane Ex1: Backups at the checkpoints are forcing Air Canada to postpone some departures, said Peter Fitzpatrick, an airline spokesman.  arrival (n) 1. the act of arriving; when someone or something arrives somewhere Ex1: Traffic problems account for one third of late arrivals.  arrivals (n) 2. the place at an airport where people arrive when they get off a plane Ex1: At Ronald Reagan National Airport in Virginia near Washington, arrivals and departures were briefly halted, alarms went off and objects tumbled from shelves.  boarding (n) 1. the act of a person who boards a ship, train, airplane, etc. 2. to board = to get on a plane, ship, boat, etc. Ex1: Boarding is now taking place at Gate 38. Ex2: In order to board the plane, you are required to present your boarding pass at the boarding gate. boarding gate = a gate used for boarding (usually when traveling by plane) boarding pass (boarding card) = a card that you show before you get on a plane or boat; a pass that authorizes a passenger to board an aircraft or boat.  to refund (vb) 1. to give someone their money back, especially because they are not satisfied with the goods or services they have paid for Ex1: I took the radio back, and they refunded my money.  carriage (n) 1. the act of carrying; transportation Ex1: Passengers without a valid passport will be refused carriage on international flights.  baggage (n) 1. the cases, bags, boxes, etc. carried by someone who is travelling [= luggage] Ex1: Check your baggage in at the desk. baggage room (left luggage office) = a place, usually in a station, where you can leave your bags and collect them later baggage


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