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-Travel vocabulary  departure (n) 1. The act of leaving; a starting out, as on a trip or a new course of action. Ex2: Your Eurostar departure will normally be between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., although on some holidays an earlier start of around 6 a.m. is necessary.  departures (n) 1. the place at an airport where people leave when they board (get on) a plane Ex1: Backups at the checkpoints areforcing Air Canada to postpone some departures, said Peter Fitzpatrick, an airline spokesman.  arrival (n) 1. the act of arriving; when someone or something arrives somewhere Ex1: Traffic problems account for one third of late arrivals.  arrivals (n) 2. the place at an airport where people arrive when they get off a plane Ex1: At Ronald Reagan National Airport in Virginia near Washington, arrivals anddepartures were briefly halted, alarms went off and objects tumbled from shelves.  boarding (n) 1. the act of a person who boards a ship, train, airplane, etc. 2. to board = to get on a plane, ship, boat, etc. Ex1: Boarding is now taking place at Gate 38. Ex2: In order to board the plane, you are required to present your boarding pass at the boarding gate. boarding gate = a gate used forboarding (usually when traveling by plane) boarding pass (boarding card) = a card that you show before you get on a plane or boat; a pass that authorizes a passenger to board an aircraft or boat.  to refund (vb) 1. to give someone their money back, especially because they are not satisfied with the goods or services they have paid for Ex1: I took the radio back, and they refunded my money.  carriage(n) 1. the act of carrying; transportation Ex1: Passengers without a valid passport will be refused carriage on international flights.  baggage (n) 1. the cases, bags, boxes, etc. carried by someone who is travelling [= luggage] Ex1: Check your baggage in at the desk. baggage room (left luggage office) = a place, usually in a station, where you can leave your bags and collect them later baggagereclaim (baggage claim) = the place at an airport where you collect your cases and bags after a flight When you arrive at the airport, you go into the terminal building. You check in for your flight at the checkin desk. You show your passport at passport control and then go through security, where they check that you are not carrying any weapons. If you have time you can wait for your flight in thedeparture lounge. When your flight is called, you go through the departure gate in order to get onto (board) the plane. The plane then takes off from the runway. After your plane has landed, you go to the baggage reclaim to collect your bags, then go through customs and immigration, where they check your passport and your bags. You then go out into the arrivals area.

1. hand ……. 2. boarding …..3. passport ….. 4. luggage …… 5. information….. 6. flight …… 7. departure…… 8. excess 9. departure 10. departure 11. last 12. nothing 13. custom 14. duty

a. free b. luggage c. to declare d. lounge e. duty f. gate g. board h. pass i. trolley j. call k. number l. control m. desk n. luggage Phrasal Verbs

Match the following phrasal verbs with their correspondent definition: _____ Set off _____Get around _____ put up with something _____ see somebody off

_____ Bring something back (from a place) _____ pick somebody up _____ Deal with something _____ Check into somewhere _____ Check out of somewhere 1. Start a journey. 2. Feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen. 3. Travel to different places in the same town/city/area. 4. Return to a place after you have beensomewhere else. 5. Return from a place with something you bought there. 6. Go to a place where somebody is waiting and take them where they want to go. 7. Do something in order to solve a problem or achieve something. 8. Go to the place where somebody is leaving from (an airport, a station). 9. Go to the reception desk to pay your bill before you leave. 10. Accept a situation that you don’t like...
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