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Extra Exercises - Chapter 01 - ANSWER SHEET

      1. TO BE - Write the short form:
a) | He is | He’s | b) | She is not | She’s not/she isn’t |
c) | I am not | I’m not | d) | They are | They’re |
e) | It is | It’s | f) | We are not | We’re not/we aren’t |

      2. Write full sentences using the verb TO BE:
E.g.: (I not very well today)            I am not verywell today. 

a) (My name Jack)                         My name is/my name’s Jack.

b) (We friends)                              We are/we’re friends. 

c) (She not my sister)                    She is not/she’s not/she isn’t my sister. 

d) (The boys happy)                      The boys are happy. 

e) (The food hot)                           The food is/the food’s hot.

      3. Fillin the blanks using the SUBJECT PRONOUNS:
a)      I      am hungry.

b)      She       isn’t my mother.

c) Bill and       I/you       are from S.P.

d)      It      is a ball.

e)      You      are my friend!

f)      They       are my parents.

      4. Write three different questions with “How........?”
a)  How are you doing?       I’m pretty good.

b)  How are you?       I’mnot so well.

c)  How is it going?       I’m OK.

      5. Make questions with TO BE (?) following the example:
E.g.: Your name.             What’s your name?

a)Australian                   Is he/she Australian?

b)A student                    Are you a student?

c)How/they                    How are they?

d)Where/you/from         Where are you from?

      6. COUNTRIES ANDNATIONALITIES - Follow the example:
E.g.: He’s from Mexico.             He’s Mexican.

a)I’m from Brazil.                     I’m Brazilian.

b)She’s from Spain.                  She’s Spanish.

c)We aren’t from England.         We aren’t English.

      7. COUNTRIES AND NATIONALITIES - Follow the example:
E.g.: She’s Italian.                     She’s from Italy.

a)Laura isFrench.                     She’s from France.

b)Ballet is a Russian dance.       Ballet is from Russia.

c)Pizza is an Italian food.           Pizza is from Italy.

d)Beer is a German drink.          Beer is from Germany.

      8. Write the affirmative and negative answers with TO BE:
a)Are you a doctor?
                                Aff: You are a doctor.
                               Neg:You are not a doctor.
b)Is she 31 years old? 
                                Aff: She is 31 years old.
                                Neg: She is not 31 years old.
c)Are you happy?
                                Aff: You are happy.
                                Neg: You are not happy.
d)Are they nervous?
                               Aff: They are nervous.                                Neg: They are not nervous.
e)Is Patricia a teacher?
                                Aff: Patricia is a teacher.
                                Neg: Patricia is not a teacher.

Extra Exercises - Chapter 02 - ANSWER SHEET

     1. IN, ON, or AT - Correct the sentences:
a) The dog is on the house.                The dog is    in    the house. 
b) The book is in the table.                 The book is    on   the table. 
c) She’s on the garage.                      She’s    in    the garage. 
d) The picture is at the wall.                The picture is    on   the wall. 
e) The cloud is on the sky.                  The cloud is    in    the sky. 
f) The school opens in 8 o’clock.          The school opens    at    8 o’clock. 

      2. Complete these sentences with WHO, WHAT, WHERE, or HOW(WH-QUESTION WORDS):
a)    Where    are you from? 
b)    How    is she? She’s OK. 
c)    Who    are they? They’re my brothers. 
d)    What    is this? This is a book. 
e)    How    old are you? 
f)    What     is your name? 
g)    Who    is your favorite actor? 
h)    What    color is your house?
      3. Change these sentences to singular:
a)Those are my...
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