Uniube-folheto turistico do brasil

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Have you heard of … ?



Trip is very short for a place you could pass all your life.

All the world backs the eyes for Brazil.

Have ever thought of knowing Brazil?

Now you have the best opportunity in your life to know Brazil.


Brazil is located in south American in the Atlantic coast, the population from Brazil isabout 192 million of people, Brazil is a country increase and the most important point of the economy is combustive.

Brazil there are many beautiful place, like famous beaches , the biggest florest the world and the best welcoming people.

Brazil is called the country of samba and football.


Coming to Brazil you should know to Rio de Janeiro city.[pic][pic][pic][pic]


|Rio de Janeiro |
|— Municipality — |
|Município do Rio de Janeiro|
|The Municipalityof Rio de Janeiro |
|From the top, left to right: Christ the Redeemer, Rio–Niterói bridge, Downtown from the Guanabara Bay, Maracanã Stadium, Sugarloafcable car, the pavement of Copacabana|
|Beach, and panorama of the city taken from Corcovado.|
|[pic][pic] |
|Flag ||[pic] |
|Seal |
|Nickname(s): Cidade Maravilhosa ("The Marvelous City") orsimplyRio |
|Location in the State of Rio de Janeiro |
|[pic] |
|Rio de Janeiro |
|Location in Brazil...
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