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Perenco Peru limited - Oil Barges and pushers 
General  Following  Bureau  Veritas  studies  and  Navigability  study  it  appears  the  optimum barge  for  hydrocarbon  product  transportation  on  rivers  Napo  and  Curaray  would  have  approximately  the  following characteristics: ∙ Length: 65 m  ∙ Width: 15 m  ∙ Double hull according to Bureau Veritas construction rules Depending on the season the maximum operational draft would be in a range of 1.2m (4 feet) to  1.8m (6 feet).  In  order  to  confirm  tonnages  of  such  barge  some  shipyards  have  been  consulted  to  obtain  corresponding designs.  The most  interesting  design  is  presented  here  hereafter  where  for  a  usable  volume  of approximately 1500 m3 the light weight of the barge is 420t.  Typical barge - Overall Dimensions: Length: 65m Breadth: 15m Depth: 2.65m Mass: 420t Mid Draught: 1.5m Capacity: Length: 60m Breadth: 13.4m Height: 1.85mVolume: 1490m3 or 9400bbl Assuming that densities for following products are: Gas Oil: 0.84 Naphtha: 0.74 Crude: 0.95 We obtain the following capacities forthe usable water depths:
Water depth (ft -m) 4’ – 1.2m 5’ – 1.5m 6’ – 1.8m 7’ – 2.1m Gas Oil (bbl) 5000 6900 8900 9400 Naphtha (bbl) 5700 7900 94009400 Crude (bbl) 4450 6060 7860 9400

*Note that this barge full of crude will have a 2.00 m draught. – Two models of pushers will be developed onecapable of pushing three barges and a second one for a single barge full loaded in the Amazon river.

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