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Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time a beautiful girl called "Little Red Riding Hood" her name was this because ,your mother has made for her one red hood.
One Day, your mother prepared somecookies and asked that Little Red Riding Hood took for house's grandmother that resided next door. The Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother was a little bit sick and your mother warned:
- Don'tstop and don't talk with strangers in the way. Is very dangerous.
When, very happy, crossed the forest, the girl found one wolf. The wolf asked:
- Where you go, beautiful girl?
The girl with allinnocence aswered:
- I go to visit my Grandmother that is sick and lead to this delicious cookies for her. She lives next door.
- Can I accompany her?
- No, Thank you very much!
The wolf tookanother way and was more quickly, bringing near there.. he knocked on the door:
(Toc,toc, toc)
-who is it? - Asked the grandmother.
- Is your grandaughter Little Red Riding Hood. - Said the wolfimitating the voice of girl.
The good grandmother that was sick in the bed, shouted:
- Pull the bolt that the door will unlock.
The wolf then entered and devoured the poor woman; after dressed herclothes and to put to bed.

Little time after...
Little Red Riding Hood, bring near knocking in the door:
( Toc, toc, toc)
- Who is it? asked the wolf with the voice a little bit stranger .
Thegirl thought that your grandmother was cold and aswered:
- Is your grandaugther Little Red Riding Hood , I bring some cookies that my mother did.
- Pull the bolt that the door will unlock.Little Red Riding Hood enter and ask:
- That big eyes you are.
-Is for to see you better.
-That big nose you are.
- Is for to smell you better.
- that big mouth you are.
- Is for to eat you.Saying this words, the wolf jumped up of Littl Red Riding Hood but she got to escape.
One hunter listened the scream and was up to there. The wolf tried to escape but the hunter killed him. The hunter...
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