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Please come to visit the New International Hotel in the convenient city center location. The hotel is just minutes away from great shopping. A bank and a famous cafe are next to the hotel. Across the street is a popular bakery. You can also visit beaches by bus, about 15 minutes away. By subway, you can go to interesting shops and gourmet restaurants. You can even visit a discothéque or pub. Taxiservice is available 24 hours



My wife wants a big family. She has two sisters, eight aunts and uncles, and twenty-seven cousins. My wife wants between four and six children. We have two children now. We will need a bigger house for six children. We will also need more money, more food, and more clothes. I want a new television and a new red sports car,but my wife says I don't need them.

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I used to be a musician, but I currently work as a computer programmer. She is a doctor; she is not a nurse. He studied for six years before becoming an architect. Please choose your occupation wisely. When my brother was six years old, he wanted to become a weatherman. I would not make a good sailor because Iam afraid of water. The boy is going to school to become a teacher. Why don’t you want to become a fireman?

The girl is not old. The house is old. The girl is young. The coin is not green. The tree is green. The wallet is black. The car is yellow. These cars are silver. These coins are silver. These silver coins are not gold. We are boys and girls. These are trees and flowers. These arebuildings and houses. This is a purse, not a wallet.

I am a student. I am not a doctor. He is a doctor. He is not a bus driver. She is a mechanic. She is not a nurse. He is not a police officer. He is a manager. You are a teacher. You are not a chef.

There are five houses. There are two men. There are seven girls. There is one wallet. There is one towel. There are eight dogs. There are nine cakes.The cakes have three candles. Three boys are tall. One boy is short. Five women are young. Two women are old. Six men are rich. Four men are poor.

She is buying the white candles at a quarter to four. He eats the food at twelve thirty but is going to drink a coffee in five minutes. I am going to sit at the table in thirty minutes. Are you there yet? No, not yet. You are going to be there in onehour.

The boy cut his thumb while preparing dinner. I would like to exercise more in order to build [bild] muscles. The girl is putting a band-aid on her knuckle[nócou]. He is going to take some medicine [méricine] for his sore throat tomorrow. My feet hurt because I ran ten miles today. Please use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. I need to go to the dentist for my tooth[túf] pain,but I am afraid of dentists [dêntists].

Gary Johnson went to work last Monday, as usual. He walked into the office, but nobody was there. He looked in the offices. He looked in the cafeteria. He looked in the employee bathrooms. He even looked in the basement. Gary didn't know what to do. He walked back to his office. The lights in his office were turned off. He turned on the lights andeverybody he worked with yelled: "Surprise!" It was Gary's birthday.

The man is buying [báing] food at the grocery store. The girl is reading [~rining] a book at the library. The women are with someone at the hospital. Where is he? He is at the post office. He is a postman, and he works at the post office.

The boys are shopping for plants and flowers today. The girl is going shopping next week. Sheis going to buy a necklace. The man is trying on sunglasses in the mirror. The woman is buying [báing]a skirt [sekurt] and getting money from her purse.

The old man is bald [bóld]. The young man is not bald. She has black, curly hair. I have long, brown hair. The boy does not have red hair. He has blonde hair. The man has a red beard and a moustache. The woman does not have a beard. She has...
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