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1. Please call me Beth


Where are you from?

Listen and practice.

David: Hello, I’m David Garza. I’m a new
club member.
Beth: Hi. My name is Elizabeth Silva,
butplease call me Beth.
David: OK. Where are you from, Beth?
Beth: Brazil. How about you?
David: I’m from Mexico.
Beth: Oh, I love Mexico! It’s really
David: Thanks. So is Brazil!
Beth:Oh, good. Sun Hee is here.
David: Who’s Sun Hee?
Beth: She’s my classmate. We’re in
the same math class.
David: Where’s she from?
Beth: South Korea. Let’s go and say
hello. Sorry, what’s yourlast name again? Garcia?
David: Actually, it’s Garza.
Beth: How do you spell that?
David: G-A-R-Z-A.


Checking information

A Match the questions with the responses. Listen andcheck.
Then practice with a partner. Give your own information.

1. I’m sorry. What’s your name again? . . . . . . . . a. S-I-L-V-A.
2. What do people call you? . . . . . . . . b. It’s ElizabethSilva.
3. How do you spell your last name? . . . . . . . . c. Everyone calls me Beth.
B Group work Introduce yourself with your full name. Use the
expressions above. Make a list of names for yourgroup.
A: Hi! I’m Yuriko Noguchi.
B: I’m sorry. What’s your last name again? . . .


What’s Seoul like?

A Listen and practice.

Beth: Sun Hee, this is David Garza. He’sa new club member from Mexico.
Sun Hee: Nice to meet you, David. I’m Sun
Hee Park.
David: Hi. So, you’re from South Korea?
Sun Hee: That’s right. I’m from Seoul.
David: That’s cool. What’sSeoul like?
Sun Hee: It’s really nice. It’s big and very
B Listen to the rest of the conversation.
What city is David from? What’s it like?


Linked sounds

Listenand practice.

Final consonant sounds are often linked to
the vowels that follow them.
I’m a new club member. Sun Hee is over there. My name is Elizabeth Silva.

Statements with be
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