The road ahead

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Teacher Mayara
Student Douglas Santos
Date 01/30/2011
One of the most devoted of the century, made ​​a fortune and foryears was the richest man in the world.
Speaking in computer and not know who Bill Gates is not knowing what is computer.
Literally a genius,millions of computers worldwide use its products either for commercial or personal.
At thirteen old years he made your first computer program inorder to play games, that time computers were big and slow.
When Intel launched the line of microprocessors, Bill Gates already nineteen oldyears, walked into the opening of his company and thought the name Micro + Soft (soft micro processor and software) .
Was born also a greatproject that innovated line of operating systems, MS-DOS that improved over time Windows is today.
The idea was to get people with no programmingknowledge to use personal computers, and increasingly Windows became more friendly, and present to the world of all that is real is in yourhands quickly and easily, how to shop, pay bills, share documents, to learn without being present in a classroom and see the world withoutleaving home, make friends in a world without limits.
Today the Internet is in our TVs to choose the end of a movie or even in our refrigerator tomake purchases when the milk runs out.
I agree, with text, on the internet nobody knows you´re dog.

The sky is the limit…think about it.
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