The lamb and the wolf

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The mischievous lamb

Once, in a very distant time, a naughty little lamb almost lost his life. It was in a beautiful great forest near Sheeptown where his mother, who loved him so much had alwaysclaimed him for do not go.
The old sheep called Sheeva. She was worried about the safety of the child all the time, as all mothers. Sheeva always warned him, “Be careful! You must not go into theforest. Wild animals live in there. They may threaten you. Sometimes they would eat you.” But Cassius, the mischievous lamb never listened to her. He was young. Any young like to listen to olderpeople. The lamb casually went into the forest and played there for a long time till it turned dark in the evening But he did not know that a wolf Called Black Evil always looked at him with a great desireof eating him.
So, one day, while the lamb was drinking water in the spring, Black evil watched him from behind a tree. “The lamb! I will eat him today!” The wolf thought, approaching the lamb. Thelamb was not aware of the wolf for some time. There was no one besides these two animals to save the lamb from the wolf. “You know this forest belongs only to wild animals like me. Why have you comein here to take water from this spring?” asked the wolf.
The lamb knew that wolves were dangerous animals. “Mother has warned me about wolves. I am sure this fellow wants to eat me for his lunch.This fellow is ferocious. I must escape from this animal,” he thought. The wolf continued, “You are also dirtying water. How will I drink this polluted water now?”: “But the spring flows from where youare standing down to where I am standing, Sir!” answered Cassius, in a meek voice. Black Evil was surprised to hear such an intelligent answer from the lamb. But the wolf was just looking for anexcuse to kill the lamb. “How dare you argue with me? I think you are the same lamb who had abused me last year” the wolf shouted. At that time the lamb heard some woodcutters. They were coming the way...
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