The effect of environment on happiness

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Environment and Happiness:

The Effect of Environment on Happiness

HAVE you so far overlooked the effect environment has on your happiness, attaching more importance to more circumstantial factors like income, education, and relationships? Well, as a matter of fact, though seeming comparatively more passive, the environment has a drastic effect on one's happiness. In fact it is one'simmediate environment that implicitly defines their mood at every instant of their life, affects their image of who they are and consequently determines their explanation of the amount of progress they make on the way to economical, educational and relational success, which is the explicit factor defining one's degree of happiness in life. In other words, It is indeed the environmental conditionssuch as temperature, pollution, noise, light, colors, forms, textures etc that by defining one's level of satisfaction at every moment, lead them to general judgments of their status of happiness in life. Below the components of environment are categorized into two groups namely indoor environment and outdoor environment, and their effect on the happiness of human members of that environment isstudied.

Indoor environment is defined generally as that part of environment which is roofed and confined within walls. It can be "personal", like one's home or a student's dorm room, or "public", like a university or a hairdresser's salon. Indoor environment is that part of the environment in which people spend most of their times; their comfort, their business, their relationships andmuch more happens within the indoor environment. Since it is part of a built environment, it has the human thought creating it and therefore whatever effect it has on the people who spend time inside it, is directly ruled by the human brains that form it. Those intellectuals who are in the position to implicitly give direction to the feelings of people are the architects and interior designers,builders and manufacturers. the architect can use components of the indoor environment to direct all the influence towards happiness; the happiness of individuals which is the happiness of a society!

Parts of the indoor environment, positive attention to which can improve conditions of those residing or spending time in it, are temperature, air, humidity, forms, patterns, textures, colors,light, etc. In order to make a pleasant atmosphere, one should pay careful attention to the above factors and make a careful combination of them which fits best the needs of people who use that place.

In the case of a public indoor environment, if, for example, one is in the act of designing the interior of a kindergarten, they should adjust the heat and humidity of the place to thestandards for kids, detect and remove any possible sources of air pollution, Adjust heights, length and width of spaces and objects to the kids' size, for example a comparatively lower roof, and smaller rooms are more suitable. They should choose bright and charming colors in textures and patterns fit to a kid's liking, such as strawberry or cat prints on the walls. Round forms are, for example, moreappropriate than forms with sharp corners. Rooms had better be bright, floors carpeted, and walls decorated. If all these are paid attention to, as to fit the kids' likings, the kids will be much happier as compared with when they are put in an inappropriate environment.

In order to spread the feeling of happiness in a personal indoor environment, for example, there should be more attentionpaid to memories, emotional ties, and personal liking, whereas in the public indoor environment an average of the public need was the best, not the liking of an individual. Taking as an example a student's dorm room, what can lead to her happiness, both in particular and in general are the parts of their room that provide them with feelings of support, tranquility, energy and motivation. If...
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