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13. Which testing tools and frameworks do you use in your company? JUnit FitNesse IBM Rational family of testing products (e.g., Functional Tester, Manual Tester) Parasoft family of testingproducts (e.g., Jtest, C++ test) Microsoft family of testing products (e.g., Visual Studio Team System Test Edition) NUnit Watin Watir Other(s) 14. In your current or most recent softwareproject, what mechanisms did the team use to generate test cases? Tester Skill Customer requirements Out of Range Risks Boundary Values Stress Decision Table Equivalence Flow Graphs CauseEffect Graphs Other 15. Which of the following defect prevention techniques are regularly utilized in your organization? Defect Tracking Tools Reuse Informal Inspections Quality MeasurementIndependent V & V JAD (Joint Application Design) Independent Benchmarks Formal Inspections Root Cause Analysis ISO 9000 (a family of standards for quality management systems) CMM (CapabilityMaturity Model Integration) Quality Circles TQM (Total Quality Management)

QFD (Quality Function Deployment) Six Sigma Other 16. In your current or most recent software project, did theteam use any of the following measurements as a guide to planning or designing the tests? Use Case Points McCabe Complexity Lines of Code Function Points Domain Complexity Fault Seeding Other17. In your current or most recent project, was the testing environment separate from the development or production environments? Separate Software and Hardware Separate Software only NotApplicable 18. Please identify the ratio of developers to testers in your current or most recent project. (Hint: in the following x:y ratios, x is the number of developers and y is the numberof testers.) 1:2 to 1:5 1:5 to 2:1 2:1 to 5:1 5:1 or more N/A 75%
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