Teenage drivers and safety roads

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Teenage Drivers and Safer Roads |
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Teenage Drivers and Safer Roads.
In almost every other country in the world the minimum age to get a drivers license is 18 years old. Here in the United States, even with some limitations, when you are 16 years old you are already able to drive and have your own car, allowing teenagers tofeel more independent at an earlier age. At the same time, people are concerned about the teenage drivers and they are looking for improvements that can be done to minimize risks and eventual fatalities when teenagers are driving across the country.
According to information from the U.S Department of Vehicles, we can see that teenage drivers between the ages of 16 and 20 years old are responsiblefor a large amount of violations, leading to fatalities in considerable cases, not only in the state of California but in many others states as well. This has people thinking that the DMV should consider increasing the minimum age of driving, not only for the teenagers safety but also for all adults who are taking a risk by being on the roads.
The fact is that motor vehicle crashes are the numberone killer of American teens. In a large amount of fatalities they also claimed other people lives, not only themselves. By not having the proper experience and considering their behavior immature, teenagers are most likely to be involved in car crashes then adults with more driving experience. According to the Safe Four Roads Teen Organization, “Teen drivers ages 16 to 19 have a fatality rate fourtimes the rate of drivers ages 25 to 69. Sixteen-year-old drivers have a crash rate three times more than 17-year-olds, five times greater than 18-year-olds, and two times that of 85-year-olds.” (Safe Roads 4 Teens)
Teenagers also create a large amount of expense to the Country, according to the same Organization, “the estimated economic cost of police-reported crashes involving drivers betweenthe ages of 15 and 20 was 40.8 billion in the United States in 2002 alone.” (Safe Roads 4 Teens)
One of the main reasons founded as an explanation when analyzing those numbers is experience. Not only as driving experience when comparing to adults but life experience.-“ Teenagers between ages 16 and 20 haven’t developed a vital area in the brain called “-the executive branch”, a part that weighsrisks, makes judgments and controls impulsive behavior.” (Ohio Teen Driver)
Years ago, the United States created the Graduated Driver Licensing Program, which divides in three stages/levels when a new driver gets his first License. Starting at the age of 16, with restrictions like supervised driving and non-use of electronic devices, the new driver is introduced to this new world slowly,getting used to it step by step and reacting properly to all responsibilities that are now designated for him as a driver. Once the driver gets to the age of 18 years old after three years of restrictions of driving in certain hours and locations, he has al of his rights and then holds regular Driver License.
The Program was supposed to work well if everyone followed it. Some teenagers rather wait acouple of years more to get their unrestricted License then dealing with this “three year driving trial period”.

To better understand their side of the story we need to consider the benefits that a Drivers License brings to a teenager. The most common would be the sensation of freedom and independence that they have for the first time in their lives. Everyone that is about to turn 16 years olddreams with his car as a birthday gift. Some teenagers have the privilege of getting their own car at 16 years old. Others drive their parent’s car. In both cases, the sensation of freedom exists but the first case definitely is more exiting. When you have your own car, there is no need to share with anybody else. One is able, use the car anytime.
There are some restrictions for sure, like...
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