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Portugal by the year of 2100

By the year of 2100, Portugal will have suffered a huge transformation: new languages, cultures and many other changes. So, all the changes will be caused bythe third world war which will be formed by people's persistent protests, which lead the government to quit. And so, Portugal will join with Spain and form one only country: the Portuspain.Now we will explain better how wills this happen. As we have already said, Portugal by the year of 2050 will be passing through very difficult times. Day by day, the oil prices will rise, the salarieswill decrease, the people will be even more unsatisfied and will start to fight against the government. They are tired of all the lies and promises even more than nowadays.
The conflict willbe installed. People will be unhappy with their working conditions; students who will graduate will not have excitement to final work because companies will not be hiring people and so we will see theworking population getting older and older. With this conditions Portugal will not have what is necessary to evolute or at least to have a balance between the economies: consuming and producing withan equilibrium balance.
As Spain will be the closest country with a stable economy, it will be the only chance for Portugal to emerge of is political, social, and economic crises. So that’swhen a proposal is made by the minister of the economy of Spain, for Portugal to join them. They will present their conditions and measures. In order to have a consensus there was a poll, for people todecide what they want, because we will be still living a democracy. Tired of the successive fails on "PEC" measures, people will start to see that this might be the only chance for Portugal, and tothem to, because by that time people’s life will be kind of miserable. Portuguese voted yes and now a new country born – The Portuspain.

With this big change, others will come along. The...
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