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This proposal will highlight my thoughts on how to select the most important content of Brazilian culture to be displayed at the festival. In order for it to be well portraited and a great contribuition for the international festival in London, I would highly recommend putting into practice the following suggestions.


Indigenous people - mostly semi-nomadic tribes who subsisted on hunting, fishing and agriculture - were the first inhabitants of Brazil. Therefore I recommend having a presentation of the traditional dance of the Amazon Indians. I also suggest having a display that allows visitors to take a look at the amazing cultures, dances and rituals that belong to the indigenous Brazilians.


Another aspect that would interest people would be the Brazilian Folklore since it is world famous and essential to the Brazilian popular culture. Visitors would enjoy a live perfomance of the dramatic dances of Bumba-meu-Boi, Carimbó, Maracatu, among others. That should bring them closer to our history and traditions, creating some sort of bond with them.


I am sure everyone in the festival would love to experience the Brazilian Carnival Spirit and that would be possible through the presentation of Brazilian samba schools on stage such as Beija-Flor and Mangueira. Visitors would be amazed by the energy and the beauty of that performance, making it the perfect way to end the contribution of Brazil to the festival.


My proposal would be the best way to introduce visitors to the culture and uniqueness of Brazil and I hope it will gain your


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