Proposal: anti-smoking campaign targeting teenagers

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To: Departament of Health
Date: March 30, 2011
Subj: Proposal for an anti-smoking caimpaign targeting teenagers

The following proposal outlines the need for and the benefits of an anti-smoking campaign targeting teenagers. It was developed in accord with your RFP (request for proposal).

Proposal: Anti-smoking Campaign Targeting Teenagers The following is a proposal to develop an anti-smoking campaign targeting teenagers for the Departament of Health. This proposal contains background on the need for this campaign, why it is important, the target public, and the solutions to the questions: What to do to communicate to teens that smoking is not worth the dangerous consequences, how to get the message out, what kind of media to use, what to say to the teenagers and why teenagers would respond to this campaign.

Even with all the information about the harmful effects of smoking, there are still 25% of adults in America that smoke nowadays. Also, around 3000 people start smoking every day in America. The smoking-related deaths, called unnecessary deaths, contracted from cigarette smoking, are the single most preventable cause of death in the United States. And the nicotine is so addictive that if you smoke regularly for a short time is much probable that you will become addicted, what makes very difficult for you to give up smoking. This campaign is specially target to teenager because they are the most susceptible public to start smoking.

The best way to communicate to teens that smoking is not worth the dangerous consequences is showing the effects on long term smoking. They must to be taught about these consequences in a way that catches their attention, with the most of information and in the easiest way possible of being comprehended.
This would be done on the schools and using all kind of medias possible, specially the most used for teenagers, such as internet, social networks, and TV programs. Another


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