Privacidade aos famosos

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Celebrities do not have a right to privacy; it is the general public’s right to know
everything about them."

Celebrities are people known all over the world, they are the ones whoeverybody

wants to know about, the ones who the paparazzi are always looking for, anytime,

anywhere, the people who are on the news; on the movies, they are basically everywhere,

But do wereally need to know everything about them? don’t you think that they deserve

privacy, just like everyone else? Although there are some people who think that YES, we

do need to knoweverything, I think they are just normal people when not exercising their

profession, and deserve privacy.

Some people may say that if they applied to this kind of job they get the lack ofprivacy with it, they come together, the fame and the invasion of privacy. But under my

point of view it is something that come from us and the press, we are the ones interested

on the celebritieslives outside their area of work, when they are actually living and trying

to do things as go shopping, to the beach, to the movies, and other activities without

having someone watching them;and that gives the press the attention which they need to

make money, so they just keep going after the celebrities knowing that we will be

watching, reading, and following these type of news.Therefore we shouldn’t be that

interested on celebrities personal lives, and that way so won’t the press.

“They are the people who give us the news on the television”, “Heis my favorite

actor”, “They are on my favorite movie”. These are some of the reasons which people

present as reasonable to go forward and stalk the celebrity or celebrities who they admireso much. They say that the celebrities are a part of their lives, then they are allowed to

know everything about them. But that is not right, if you like a certain actor you should

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