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Strategy plan for company (BLANK)

Fun For Kids, is a Texas based company, and it has been created to better serve and enhance B&B and B&C experience. Our goal is to provide the market andcustomers with satisfaction when buying our specially developed products.
In Addition, bringing creativity and technology to already marketed toys, our differential is to add new features for these toys,making them customized to meet each individual needs. The customer will begin his experience from the creation of the toy to its final production, by choosing the features and designer that bettersuits him from a variety of options.

“Fun For Kids” is dedicated in bringing to their customer the best experience to increase creativity, the product offered, it’s a hands on, pop upactivity to This hands-on, pop-up activity toy introduces your child to different shapes, animals, or the personalized toy, that can be made accordinly customers needs, you can add mom and dad photos, allfamily can be included in this fun toy. Also, personalize the learning with your child's name, and personal favorites such as food, animal and color as a recorder device comes inside of the toy. Alever, beeper, key and switches are easy for little hands to activate. As your child presses, turns and twists, she'll be building fine motor skills and having fun as the colorful animals pop up tothe corresponding action.

Price is determined by the comparison with similar available products in the market, and by aggregate value of the customization adds to it.

Prices start at:$20.00 up

All services will be provided at the B&B and their websites. The personalized toys will be generated by an order placed in store or online.
Other ready to create toys,where the customer can place the pictures, will be available directly to in store buying.


Products will be sold in major department stores, and will count with commercial TV ads in...
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