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White Horse | White Paper

The TIME Method to B2B
Social Media Engagement
By: Jamie Beckland
March 25,2010 | 877.471.4200 |


In This Whitepaper
About the
Jamie Beckland is Emerging
Media Manager at White Horse.
He has designed and implemented
dozens of marketing programs
using new and emerging
technologies and is afrequent
writer and presenter on social
media strategy.

The TIME Method outlines practices for B2B brand social media engagement to:
Create new in uence channels
Increase quali ed lead generation
Rally top social in uencers
Be authentic in your brand positioning
Build brand advocates
Improve search rankings

Just a few years ago, the digital marketer’s job was prettystraightforward: create a web site, advertise on
Google, Yahoo, and MSN for PPC search tra c, and optimize the site for performance. Okay, even that wasn’t very
straightforward, as many have discovered. But, the process, at least, was fairly clear-cut.
Today, getting users to get to your Web site is much more complicated. As consumers have shifted more and more
of their decision-making process online,the amount of information and their evaluation behavior has moved into
social media. The pre-conceived notions that consumers have about your brand, based on the social presence of your
brand, have a huge impact on their ultimate purchase decision. In fact, pre-conceived perceptions cause a consumer
to be 38% more likely to complete a purchase (Patwardhan and Ramaprasad, 2005).
Because of thehuge growth in information available online, consumers are turning more and more to peercuration for ltering relevant content. The implications of this shift are vast. While search engines will continue to
be important, they will not be the sole means of Internet research, or even the most accurate (Surowiecki, 2005).
White Horse has developed a methodology to help clients successfully integratesocial media into their
marketing campaigns. This white paper outlines our approach, which has proven e ective in generating leads
for a variety of industries. | 877.471.4200 |


Social Media: The New Influence Channel
“Social seeding distills
campaign talking points into
natural conversations. This
leads to more impact with

Social media allows people to participate in one of the most basic forms of human interaction: the community.
Social groups arise online because the group has a shared interest and wishes to build a community around a
common idea and set of goals. The results are staggering. From 2005 to 2009, use of social networks increased
from 8% of the U.S. population to 46%, with a ten-foldincrease in the number of people accessing social
networks on a daily basis (Pew Internet and American Life Study).
As marketers, it’s critical for us to start integrating social media outreach into our campaign planning. While there
are some concepts that work best as “social-only” (campaigns with a high natural viral capacity), most marketing
e orts will contain a number of traditional elements,both online and o ine. Integrated campaigns must include a
social seeding component so that target audiences have a high propensity to engage in the campaign.
While it’s not reasonable to expect campaigns to shift completely into social media, we must begin to use social
channels to amplify and expand campaign messaging. Social seeding distills campaign details and talking
points and rolls theminto natural conversations taking place in a variety of social spaces online. This leads to
more impact from your campaign with less outreach activity.
It’s important to make a distinction between social seeding and guerilla marketing. Guerilla marketing is
designed to disrupt the consumer in an unconventional way. And it better be a very entertaining disruption in
order to pay o . One...
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