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Birsen Karpak
Youngstown State University,
Youngstown, OH 44555 bkarpak@ysu.edu ABSTRACT
Supply chain management is a prosperous area of research for AHP/ANP scientists. There have already been quite a few AHP/ANP applications. This presentation suggests an improvement in one of the existing ANP based strategic decision frameworks published in the literature.
The published strategic framework for green supply chain management considers product life cycle
(PLC) influence, the impact of operational life Cycle (OLC), organizational performance requirements’
(OPR) and environmentally influential organizational practices - which constitutes the clusters of ANP upon green supply chain alternatives.
In this study the framework has been augmented with the social dimension of sustainability. Therefore the proposed strategic model is a model for sustainable supply chain management. In addition, it is illustrated that both the framework in literature and the one proposed by the author are valid for focal companies.
Supply chains which leadership executed by a “steering committee,” requires group decision making models. This is another area of research. Applicability of ANP is illustrated to evaluate sustainable supply chain alternatives. The author would like to get feedback from the audience in her early stage of research.
Keywords: Sustainable Supply Chain Management, ANP model

1. Introduction
Globalization and outsourcing have increased the complexity of supply chains. Sustainable Supply chain management is the management of material and informational flows as well as cooperation among companies along the supply chain while taking goals from all three dimensions of sustainable development, economic, environmental and social requirements into account. Future generations should not be negatively impacted by decisions today.
It is common practice for decision


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