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This sTudy is based on conversaTions wiTh more Than 1,000 ceos and Public secTor leaders worldwide.

Samuel J. Palmisano Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer IBM Corporation

letter from the chairman


A Note to Fellow Ceos this year marks the third biennial IBM Global Ceo Study. In this year’s study, more than 1,000 of you — Ceos and leaders of institutions across the public and private sectors— once again shared your experiences and plans, and looked even farther out onto the horizon, building a remarkably detailed picture of the future of the enterprise. You told us that you anticipate even more change ahead. And despite an acute awareness of the difficulty of keeping pace, you are, on balance, strikingly optimistic and action oriented. this is clear from the kinds of changes you are planning. they are not small-bore. For example, you recognize that your customers are far more informed, and far more demanding today. But instead of viewing this as a problem, you see it as an opportunity— to draw on their energy and ideas to collaborate and to differentiate your companies. I find this deeply encouraging — and it strongly reinforces IBM’s own experience. we have been observing these same changes in business, technology and global markets for several years, and they have led us to reinvent our portfolio of products and services, to globally integrate our company, and to change the way we work with our clients, our approach to R&D, our workforce management practices, and the way we run our company.


letter from the chairman

In the end, the proof of any leader’s decisions is in their outcomes. And our clients’ experience is consistent: A focus on innovation works. that is also evident in this year’s study results. those of you who are making the boldest plays — pursuing the most global, collaborative and disruptive business model innovation — are outperforming your peers. I hope you find our Global Ceo Study


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