Explain how moving from place to place affects people

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Explain how moving from place to place affects people

When people move to place to place, how do they feel or think? It might be positive or negative things. In fact, we also moved to new area,in Pensacola, from hometown. We have found interesting or surprising thing since we came here. We speak different language. We sometime are being upset. Because they can’t understand what I say orwant. Each country has different cultures. It is sure that we have to adapt new culture. Some people can do easily, but almost people must be hard to do that. In our opinion, it affects to make peoplestress. First of all, why they feel stressful. Because moving place means everything will change. Then we have to face a challenge. We need to accustom to living a new area. Actually, it’s difficult. Wemake a relationship again. For example, they might be co-worker or classmate, neighbor. As you know, it’s hard to make these like before. We will be involved a new community. And also we don’t knowthe place very much. So we have to get how to get a place. For example, that’s supermarket or the moll, restaurant. If we don’t know where these are, we can’t go anywhere.

In other hands, we can saythat also have good or positive things. Moving place means we find new things. We can get new culture and friends and change or discovery new own character. In fact, we have found the new one whicheven we didn’t notice. Not everyone Wants to put down roots, some people can spend a lifetime traveling. Having to move from place to place can be positive if we think that when you arrive moves to anew place you can start over again. Make new friends and conduct things in a different way.

However, when you live moving from place to place is hard to put down roots. Set up and establishconnections with the place in which you live is important and has its advantages. When you work for long in one place your chances of getting a better position may increase. Spent time in one place also...
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