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verb (past and past participle taught /tɔːt/)
• 1 [with object and infinitive or clause] impart knowledge to or instruct (someone) as to how to do something:she taught him to readhe taught me how to ride a bike • [with object] give information about or instruction in (a subject or skill):he came one day each week to teach painting[with two objects]:she teaches me French • [no object] work as a teacher:she teaches at the local high school
• 2 [with object and clause] cause (someone) to learn or understand something by example or experience:she’d been taught that it paid to be passivemy upbringing taught me never to be disrespectful to elders • [with object] encourage someone to accept (something) as a fact or principle:the philosophy teaches self-control • informal make (someone) less inclined to do something:‘I’ll teach you to forget my tea,’ he said, and gave me six with his cane noun informal
• a teacher:she came to say ‘Hi!’ to her old teach


[reporting verb]
• make (an idea or situation) clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts:[with clause]:they explained that their lives centred on the religious rituals[with direct speech]:‘It’s a device of great age,’ the professor explained[with object]:he explained the situation • give a reason so as to justify or excuse (an action or event):[with object]:Cassie found it necessary to explain her blackened eye[with clause]:he makes athletes explain why they made a mistake[no object]:I explained about Maureen calling round • [with object] be the cause of or motivating factor for:her father’s violence explains her pacifism[with clause]:this would explain why so many adult children still live with their parents • (explain something away) minimize the significance of an embarrassing fact or action by giving an excuse or justification:they know stories about me that I can’t explain away




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