Exercicios ingles

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1. Fill in the correct word (some or any).
a) They often invite ________ friends to their home.
b) Have you got _________ brothers or sisters?
c) Here is ________ food for the cat.
d) Do you know ________ famous people?
e) He does not want ________ help
f) Sue went to the park with ______ of her friends!
g) Jane doesn't have ________ friends
h) I think you should put __________ flowers on the table.
i) Could you check if there are ________ calls on the answering machine?
j) I don't want _________ presents for my birthday.
k) Did they have _______ news for you?
l) I'm hungry - I'll have _______ sandwiches.
m) There aren't ________ apples left.
n) I've got ________ sweets for you.
o) I need a hammer and ________ nails.
p) There are ________ sheep in the garden
q) Do you have ________ idea what they are doing there?
r) Charlie doesn't have ________ pets.
s) My little brother already knows ________ words in English.
t) My mum doesn't speak _________ foreign languages. 2. Fill in the blanks with There is or There are:
_________ a post-office near the house.
_________money on the kitchen table.
_________ a good movie on TV later.
_________so much meat in the fridge! Let's have some of that for dinner.
_________no way I'm going to go out tonight.
_________ a few eggs in the fridge..
_________two universities in this city. There's also a small college.
_________several kinds of toys to choose from.
_________three people from China in my class.
_________five coins on my pocket

3. Fill in the blanks with the right verbal mode – Simple Present
a) Maria..............with her parents in Brasilia.(Live)
b) That guy................a lot of money.(Have)
c) Carlos .................goals when he is in good shape.(Score)
d) Mary and Anna...................to school every day.(Go)
e) The earth …………around the sun (move)
f) He ……………love stories (Like)
4. Choose the right answer– Simple Present
a) She ________ in


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