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Preencha os espaços em branco com a forma adequada do verbo destacado - Tempo verbal: Presente simples

A)John.......with his parents in a country town.(Live)

B)That guy........a lot ofimportant information.(Have)

C)Our great grandfather........a pension.(Get)

D)She.......English well but her brother.........it.(Know/hate)

E)Ronaldo..........goals when he´s in goodshape.(Score)

F)We.......control of our lives due to bad habits.(Lose)

G)Mary and Anna.........to college in the evening.(Go)

*As respostas serão publicadas em breve.

A dedicated teenager

Jane is a very intelligent teenager. She is fifteen years old and has two brothers. She goes to school in themorning and helps her parents in the afternoon. In the evening, she studies English at a school. She loves ice cream and barbecue; she eats an ice cream every day and, on the weekend, she eatsbarbecue. Her brothers don’t like to study but they help their parents too. They want to open a small restaurant because they like to work with food. Jane likes science and she wants to be a doctor. Herfather tells her that it is necessary to study a lot to be a doctor. Jane tells her father: “Yes, you are correct. This is my dream and I know it is possible because I am dedicated.”

Jane’sfamily has problems but they believe there are solutions and they never give up. Jane doesn’t have everything she wants but she works hard.

- Teenager: adolescente
- Has(have naterceira pessoa, forma afirmativa): tem
- Want: querer
- Open: abrir
- Tell: dizer, contar
- A lot: muito
- Dedicated: dedicado(a)
- Give up: desistir
- Everything: tudo
- Works hard: trabalhaduro, se esforça bastante.

2. Answer the questions - respondam as perguntas

a. How old is Jane?

b. When does she go to school?...
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