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1. _____________ he was talking on the phone, I was watching TV. |
Correct answer:
while (Option 1)
2. He was cancelling his flight ______ we called him. |
Correct answer:
when (Option 2)
3. I was overtaking a truck ______ I heard a loud thump. |
Correct answer:
when (Option 2)
4. We were watching a movie _____ the screen went blank. |
Correct answer:
when (Option 2)

5.________ she was packing the bags, I was looking for our passports. |
Correct answer:
while (Option 1)

6. We were complaining about the weather __________ the sun broke through the clouds. |
Correct answer:
when (Option 2)

7. Sandra was washing the dishes _________ a plate fell off the shelf. |
Correct answer:
when (Option 2)

8. Do not disturb me ______ I'm listening to music! |Correct answer:
while (Option 1)

While is used to say that two longer actions or situations go/went on at the same time. We can use progressive or simple tenses.
* While he was watching TV, I was working.
* He slept while I cooked supper.
When is used to refer to ages and periods of life.
* His parents died when he was ten.

when is used, with simple tenses:
1 When one actionoccurs at the same time as another or in the span of another:
* When it is wet the buses are crowded.
* When we lived in town we often went to the theatre.
2 When one action follows another:
* When he explained the situation she calmed down.

A) Put in the following forms of be (am, are, is) into the gaps in the text.
Peter Baker ____from Manchester, but Paul and John _____fromLondon. Manchester and London ____cities in England. Hamburg ____a city in Germany. Sandra ____at school today. Jack and Peter ____her friends. They _____in the same class. Mr and Mrs Baker _____on a trip to the USA to visit their cousin Anne. She _____a nice girl. Peter says: "My grandfather _____in hospital. I _____at home with my grandmother." What time ____it? It ____8 o'clock. _____you tired?No, I ____not.

B) Put in do or does into the gaps.
1) _____Peter live with his father?
2) ______you learn Spanish?
3) ______Andrew and Martin ride their bikes to school?
4) _____they play in the garden?
5) _____Sandy's hamster live in a cage?
6) _____ the cats sit on the wall?
7) _____ we work in front of the computer?
8) _____ you play the drums?
9) _____ Steve wear pullovers?10) _____ I clean the ?

C) Put in the interrogative form:
1. You write with a pencil.

2. Jenny is a teacher.

3. Your friend visit museums.

4. They are good at Math.

5. John and Mary are friends.

6. Your cats climb trees.

7. Rita does the exercise.

8. We lay the table.

9. Maria tidies up their room.

10.The pupils are at school today.

11. He buys a new MP3 player.

12. She touches a snake.

13. Tim and Pat send text messages.

14. I am your friend.

15. The dog runs out of the house.

16. We are engineers.

The present simple is used to talk about actions we see as long term or permanent. It is very common andvery important.
1- Write the verbs at the blanks.
In these phrases, we are talking about regular actions or events.
* I _______________ to work every day. (to drive)
* Paul _____________ to work every day. (to drive)
* She doesn't ____________ very often. ( to come)
* She ____________ very often. ( to come)
* Karen _______________ English twice a week. (to study)
* Marydoesn’t ______________ English twice a week. (to study)
* What does she usually _____________ for breakfast? (to have)
* She usually ______________ orange juice for breakfast. (to have)
* The games usually ______________ at 8.00 in the evening. (to start)
* What do you usually _____________ for breakfast? (to have)
* John _______________ his car every week. (to wash)
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