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Module 4

1. (1) since my father's day
(2) briefly / to Mrs. Davies done during the class
(3) at the time
(4) -
(5) -
(6) in the park
(7) Before the fall of the BerlinWall / practically
(8) just
(9) insistently / at six o'clock / on a cold November day
(10) for the fifth time / on Monday

Module 5
(1)Have you ever been to Monte Carlo? - position and inversion with auxiliaries (nominal group)
(2) It’s totally dedicated to expensive shopping. - position (nominal group)
(3) You go to these gallerias and walk past a great temple toultra-expensive watches, then another to ultra-expensive clothes. - position (nominal group)
(4) It’s quite incredible - position (dummy it)
(5) – you see the future of the human race there. - position (nominal group)
(6) There is a particularly big galleria, which never has anyone inside it. - position (unstressed there)
(7) It ’s five or six floors of cool, scented air,with no one in it.- position (nominal group)
(8) I thought to myself
(9)- is this supposed to be heaven? - position / position and inversion with auxiliaries (nominal group / nominal group)
(10) And I realised that, no,
(11) it’s not heaven. - position / position (nominal group / nominal group)
(12) It ’s The Future. - position (nominal group)

Which donot occur at all? They do not present inversion with auxiliaries (only numbers 1 and 9). Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 present declarative structure (order subject – verb – complement).

There is not question tags.

2. (1) The use of caves for smuggling
(2) There (place-holder) / half a dozen men
(3) The light of a torch
(4) the critics / Whatthe critics failed to understand / his art
(5) the list of people / she
(6) It (antecipatory it) / he
(7) Run like mad / we
(8) It (antecipatory it) / you
(9) It (antecipatory it) / there (place-holder)
(10) Readinf in a poor light

3. (1) It surpreised us that Pam is seeking a divorce.
(2) It was a really bad manner to leave withoutsaying goodbye. Done
(3) It doesn't interest me who she goes out with. during the
(4) It requires a lot of nerve for such a man to succeed in the world. class
(5) It is obvious that recognising syntatic categories at first sight is not easy.

4. It [the Valley of the Kings] lies about six hundred kilometres south of Cairo, the present-day capital of Egypt, near the Nile.Across the river is the city of Luxor, once called Thebes and one of the greatest capitals of the ancient world. This dusty, dried-up river valley is the most magnificent burial ground in the world. During the second millennium B.C., Egyptian workers quarried a series of tombs beneath this valley, decorating them with mysterious predictions of the underworld and filling them with treasures. There,with infinite care and artistry, they laid out the mummified and bejewelled bodies of their rulers and surrounded them with their belongings, making the valley one of the greatest sacred sites in history.
(Gerald O’Farrell, The Tutankamun Deception)
lies – finite
called – non-finite
is – finite
quarried – finite
decorating – non-finite
filling – non-finite
laid – finite
surrounded– finite
making – non-finite

Module 6

1a. (1) most of my life – noun group
(2) the door – noun group done during
(3) that foreign doctors were … in that country – finite that -clause the class
(4) very little – adverb group as quantifier
(5) discretion – noun group
(6) what they believed to be sunken treasure - nominal relative clause...
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