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I do not know if I will return to Brazil for the simple fact that I do not know if I want to return to Brazil. I love the life I lead in USA. Here I learned that I do not need luxuries to live happy,with a little money in my pocket I can have fun, have a relatively bustling social life and still travel occasionally. I learned that happiness is not found in shopping and self-esteem is notdirectly related to flat iron and nails done well. In Brazil, if you are a woman you need to care about these things as well as one should care about showering. In Brazil I had a relatively high standard ofliving but after living five years in someone else’s home and taking care of their children in exchange of a minimum wage, room and board my perception of life changed too.
Trivia aside, here Ilearned that my dreams were harder to conquer than I previously anticipated and sparked a the challenging side of me. I truly enjoy life. Enjoy the life that I want to live and not the life a sexistsociety have imposed me to live. I learned to leave the car in the garage and use public transportation. Public transportation in Brazil it is in the same box of words as: overcrowded, dirty, dangerous,rape, robbery, etc… It is so bad that it makes Philadelphia public transportation feel like a walk in the park a nice park that is. I learned to be tolerant, to respect more the differences, to discoverthe diversity of races, cultures, lifestyles and ways of thinking very different from ours, Brazilians often macho, selfish and hypocritical. I learned to live in the same building as an industrialcleaner and the driver of the garbage truck and eat at the same restaurant as the pool cleaner is something absolutely normal. In Brazil we marginalize them. I learned to respect families with twofathers, two mothers and up to two mothers and a father. I learned not to speak badly of a woman with a frowzy hair at the bakery and not to be horrified by an outfit outside of the ‘normal' or outside...
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