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There are three values that I considered play a very important role in my life. These values have been really significant for my family and friends, too. And, I love to share these principles withother people. The three beliefs that I feel lead my life and those around me are simple, significant and essential. First principle refers to have a relationship with God. Second one talks aboutrespecting different points of views. Thirdly, demonstrate family as a major priority in development and maintains a good civilization. In my opinion, these tree values can make a positive impact in thesociety.
First value that I like to focus is to have God the whole time. I believed this value is becoming a precious sign in our society, showing the difference between dark and light. I was raised upas Catholic Girl, who didn’t follow any of the rules. As I became older, I realized how important is to truly have a relationship with “My Father”, not because my family wanted me, but because I feltin my heart that God should be the most important thing in my life. I know that I don’t have the control over my life, although God is the only one who knows when, where and why things going to happenwith me. I love been connect with God during my lifetime, that make me feel very strong and special, even in difficult problems.
The successive value, second one, discusses about how to respect thedifferent points of views. I don’t allow some kind of ideas change my truly foundation in Jesus Christ, but I really try be a better person, who understanding and respect divergent philosophies. Idecided that it was important to know and examined others concepts, so I can be critic about and figured out what is the best for me. I have to be honest, sometimes I wish I could change some people, butlater I comprehended that respect others thinking means learn and grow as Christian human.
The last, but no more important value that exists in my life is my family. Most of my principal ideas,...
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