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1. Since the late 1980s organized crime has become a major source of concern in Europe. Please explain why this has happened and state your opinion about this development. 2. What are the main forms and patterns of organized crime in Europe? Please outline them, differentiating among different contexts. 3. In which ways does the Italian mafia differ from other forms of organized crime? 4. According to the United Nations General Assembly (1994), organized crime “constitute[s] a threat to the internal security and stability of sovereign States”. Is this assessment in your opinion correct? Please make distinctions about different contexts. 5. Since the 1990s (if not earlier) most European states have enacted criminal and criminal procedural law reforms and introduced new offences and special investigative powers for law enforcement agencies in order to fight organized crime. The latter fight has also propelled the transnationalisation of crime control and criminal justice at the European level. Please outline these developments both the national and EU level. To answer the first part of the question, it is enough if you focus on the developments of 1 European states 6. “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. Discuss and point the difficulties on defining terrorism. 7. Briefly reconstruct the evolution and contents of the EU policies to control OC and give your opinion about the extent to which they are adequate to certain OC in Europe. 8. What are the main ambiguities surrounding the concepts of WCC and CC, and does it still remains in your view, a useful


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