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Hello my name is Ricardo and I’m 34 years old. I live in Portugal and I work .
My presentation is about a disease called type 1 diabetes.
I am diabetic since I was 11years old.

Type 1 diabetes is one of several types of diabetes, is a chronic disease that is accompanied by changes in metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and which is caused byabsolute lack of insulin due to the destruction of cells of the pancreas produce this hormone.

In Portugal there should be six hundred and fifty thousand diabetics of which about10% are type 1.

What are the causes of type 1 diabetes?
In these cases the pancreatic insulin production is almost zero or zero. The hormone glucagon, also produced in the pancreas, isincreased (the glucagon increases blood glucose). Therefore the increase in blood glucose (hyperglycemia) is due to lack of insulin and glucagon increased.

Age: The peak incidence of Type 1diabetes is between 11 and 13 years, coinciding with the beginning of puberty and adolescence.

Diabetic complain about?
Larger amounts of urine than usual; headache and hunger; Its beginningmay be related to stress caused by another disease or surgery; fatigue ("I feel weak"), cramps; urinate a lot at night, blurred vision, nausea, abdominal pain, weight may be normal or thepatient may lose weight.

In Diabetes Type 1is absolutely need treatment with insulin (do not forget that the pancreas no longer produces insulin).
But the treatment implies carewith alimentation and regular physical activity and self-control (monitoring of blood glucose values of capillary finger prick).

Caring for life:
We must not forget that this is a chronicdisease that requires multiple steps taken to prevent acute and late complications if diabetes control is not done properly.

In conclusion:
We can live with good health with diabetes type
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