Conflicts in the middle east

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Title: Conflicts in the Middle East
“Palestine” today is Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

Past History:
* Jews lived in Palestine about 3,000 years ago
* Jews were driven out inthe 2nd century- since then, they did not have a homeland- Diaspora- scattering of the Jews
* Movement of Zionism- a desire for a Jewish homeland in Palestine grew as anti-Semitism spread throughtime in Europe
* Balfour Declaration- 1917- Britain states their support of creating a homeland for Jews- tension builds between the Arabs living in Palestine and the Jews that are migrating tothe area
* After WWII and the Holocaust, the UN decides to partition Palestine (which was a British Mandate) into a Palestinian state for Arabs and a Jewish state for Jews with neither side “owning”Jerusalem
* All Islamic countries voted against this

The Hostility Begins:
* The DAY AFTER Israel is created, all Islamic neighbors invade (First Arab-Israeli War- 1948)- Israel wins
*The Arab land of Palestine ceases to exist as Palestinians flee land under Israeli control
* Second Arab-Israeli War- 1956- Egypt’s president Nasser seizes the Suez Canal, which Britaincontrolled- Israel, France and Britain fight back- Egypt remains in control of the canal
* Third Arab Israeli War- Six Day War- 1967- Israel attacks Egypt, Iran, Jordan and Syria before they can attackIsrael- Israel gains Jerusalem, the Sinai Peninsula, Golan Heights, the West Bank
* Fourth Arab Israeli War- 1973- a.k.a. the Yom Kippur War- Arabs led by Egypt’s Anwar Sadat invade Israel- Israelcounterattacks under the leadership of Golda Meir and wins most land back

The Palestinians:
* Wind up as refugees along what was once their homeland of Palestine
* Without a “homeland”, it isdifficult for them to organize
* They form the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to help fight for a Palestinian homeland-
* Yasir Arafat becomes the head of the PLO in 1969
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