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Dear Host Family,

My name is Kelly, but everybody calls me just “Kel” and I am 22 years old. I live in a medium city near of the big São Paulo with my parents, my youngest brother and ourdogs Preta, Scotty and Tequila.

In December/2007, I've just finished my Web Design bachelors degree in Salto, I love design and I’m very creative with my works, and nowadays while I wait mytrip I’m studying and helping my parents in their business and homework. My father is a Logistics Analyst and my mother is a housewife, my brother is student. I had 2 years of experience studying inanother city near mine. I used to drive every day to my work so it made me more flexible and gave me experience.

In the last two years I started my work in a school as a monitor/tutoring of 0to 5 years old children for a long time. Everyday we were hours drawing, painting, reading, writing, singing, making special draws for commemorates days, helped with the breakfast, lunch, changingdiapers, bathing and putting children to bed. It was great, because all the time I was working and enjoying the kids.

I helped my friends and my uncles with them children while needed work atnight or weekends. When I took care of my cousins I played with them, helping with homework, changing diapers and enjoying so much with them.

I have a little niece her name is Manuela. Sheis very beautiful baby. She has a 7 month year (She born in February 21th). I love take care her, because she is very calm, funny, lovely, when I stay with her I changing diapers, bathing, lunch, goout and putting her in the cot.

Beyond that, in my free nights and days I go out with friends, go to the movies or watch films at home, go to the theater, dancing. I love read, go to theshops, trips and travels. During the week on my free hours I frequently go to the academy, running, and helping my parents. I very organize with all my things, book, or DVDs, computer, cloths and...
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