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Research policy, research agency (agencies) in Portugal and the use of bibliometric methods

Subject: Bibliometrics
The Portuguese research
In the last fifteen years, the Portuguese research has had profound transformations. For the first time in Portugal, in 1995, the creation of the Ministry for Science,Technology and Higher Education and the definition by the government of a strategic vision and the decision of assigning a high priority to R&D (research and development) has contributed for the reinforcement and development of the Science and Technology System.
The public sector is responsible for most research activities that are developed at universities and research laboratories.
Thereare research organisations located at universities and institutes thus giving an overview of the Portuguese Scientific and Technological System, they are: Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education; Foundation for Science and Technology; Office of the International Relations of Science and Higher Education; Observatory on Science and Higher Education; Council of Associated Laboratories;Council of the Rectors of Portuguese Universities; Council of the Polytechnic Institutes; Portuguese Association of Private Higher Education; Association of Portuguese Higher Institutes; Innovation Agency and Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva.
There are also non-state-run research institutions and some private R&D projects developed by companies.
On the website “The researcher´s mobilityportal – Portugal” was established as an important base for researchers interested in proposing projects and organizations wishing to fund projects or find suitable researchers for their projects. Note that this portal is not limited to the Portuguese mainland, but extends to all researchers and organizations throughout the world and now it is possible to find a list of 823 registered organisations.Within Europe and the European Union (EU), Portugal has full membership into several pan-European scientific organizations like the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN), ITER, and the European Southern Observatory (ESO). Portuguese scientists and technicians work in all of those organizations. In 2001 Portugal was ranked 28th among countries thatcontributed to the top 1% of the world's highly-cited publications. Accounting for 0.25% of these publications, Portugal ranked above South Africa (0.21%) and Iran (0.04%), but below Spain (2.08%), Ireland (0.36%), and Greece (0.3%). In the period 2005-2007, Portugal was the EU member state with the highest growth rate in R&D.
Also important, about research are some examples of notablePortuguese people who had made important contributions to science and technology, becoming in their time internationally known within their respective field, include:
Corino Andrade - 20th century researcher who first described the familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy
António Damásio - 20th/21st century researcher in several areas of the neurology, and a best-selling author of books which describe hisscientific thinking
Amato Lusitano - 16th century physician, discovered the circulation of the blood, was one of the first to observe and speculate about the venous valves found in the Azigos vein
Egas Moniz - 20th century Nobel Prize in Medicine "for his discovery of the therapeutic value of leucotomy in certain psychoses", he also was a pioneer in the development of cerebral angiography
PedroNunes - 16th century mathematician, one of the greatest of his time, he is best known for his contributions in the technical field of navigation
Garcia de Orta - 16th century physician and naturalist, he was a pioneer of tropical medicine
Portuguese research Policy (FCT research policy)
As we all know, Portugal is a member state of European Union, so there is a general policy related with the...
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