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TUTORIAL 3 :: ETHERNET SHIELD AND TWITTER.COM orchestrates a global, open-source network of Inputs and Outputs. However, as an infrastructure it is limited in two major ways: 1) you can’t carry it with you. 2) it is not culturally imbedded. We will overcome these limitations through the use of cellphones and We’ll also remove our dependence on the computer’s internetconnection by integrating the Ethernet Shield with Arduino. Among other things, allows users to send SMS commands from their cellphone to a feed. Practically everyone has a cellphone; cellphones are practically everywhere. Although our Arduino projects are not everywhere, we can harness the cellphone so that we might reach beyond the local toward the global remote, therebybroadening the potential of Inputs and Outputs to bring Architecture to life.

PART 1 :: TWITTER.COM QUICKSTART 1. Create a new Manual Feed in your account. Take note of the feed ID - we will use it later.

2. Create a new account on

3. From your account, tweet the message follow pachtweet using the text entry box. This is called a public tweet. You can alsosend Direct Messages (DM), which are private. The user pachtweet acts as a courier, delivering your commands from to

4. Tweet the message @pachtweet connect into the text entry box. “@pachtweet” designates the recipient, “connect” is the message. Wait for the user pachtweet to send you a DM. Direct Messages can be found under the menu list on the right.

5. Reply topachtweet’s DM with the message key YOUR_PACHUBE_KEY This is a one-time authentication process, allowing only your account to access your feeds. YOUR_PACHUBE_KEY is also called your API Key, and you can find it under Settings inside your account. You are now ready to send commands to your Pachube feed by using Direct Messages in

6. To begincontrolling your Arduino project, send a DM to pachtweet that follows this format: set FEED_ID STREAM0,STREAM1,STREAM2, . . . “set” is a prefix that tells pachtweet you want to enter new data into a feed. “FEED_ID” designates the feed ID where you want to send the data. “STREAM” designates the data to be sent. Streams are ordered sequentially by commas with no spaces. You may have multiple Streams ina single feed. Streams will be listed on your feed in the same order you enter them here.

7. Add the option to send DMs using your cellphone. From your account, click “Settings” in the upper right. Click “Devices”, and follow the on screen instructions to set up your cellphone. Note that updates should be sent to 40404 while in the United States. See the Twitter PhoneFAQ for dialing Twitter from other countries: Cellphone DMs follow a similar format when updating a feed: d pachtweet set FEED_ID STREAM0,STREAM1,STREAM2, ... “d” is a prefix that tells that you want this to be a Direct Message. “pachtweet” designates the user to send the DM to. The rest is the same as Step 6.

8. DMs or your cellphone will update your feed. We still need to set up the Arduino in order for those DMs to be read as commands.

9. Part 1 is now complete.

PART 2 :: ETHERNET SHIELD QUICKSTART 1. Purchase an original Arduino Ethernet Shield if you have not already done so: info.php?products_id=9026

Ethernet Shield (top)

2.Attach the Ethernet Shield on top of the Arduino. You will probably need to detach your Breadboard/LEDs. The Shield replicates all pins on the Arduino, however it uses pins 10, 11, 12, and 13, for it’s own purposes. Relocate your Breadboard/LEDs so they do not use pins 10, 11, 12, and 13. Remember to update your sketch accordingly.
Arduino USB Board (bottom)

3. Identify the IP address of a...
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