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2011 New Product Pacesetters
An Eye into the Future of CPG

APRIL 2012
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New Product Pacesetters: An Eye into the Future of CPG

Targeted Innovation Rules the Day in 2011

By the end of 2011, the U.S. economy finallyshowed sustained signs of life. While a sizeable segment of the population is struggling to make ends meet, others are feeling optimistic and are beginning to open their wallets. This complex and difficult environment is actually an excellent opportunity for CPG manufacturers to provide new products that offer affordable luxury and variety to cash-strapped consumers. SymphonyIRI recently analyzed thenew CPG product launches that hit the mark with consumers last year, and we are thrilled to share the most successful food and beverage and non-foods CPG brands with our 2011 New Product Pacesetters report. Our research reveals that new food and beverage new product introductions increased slightly in 2011, while total non-food introductions actually decreased. And, at the industry level, averageyear-one sales declined from $35 million in 2002 to less than $25 million last year. But, these numbers tell just part of the story. Our New Product Pacesetters analysis really digs deep and underscores the success that CPG marketers are finding in bringing to market products that raise the bar on consumer expectations around everyday CPG solutions. There is an increasing trend towardhighly-targeted new products, whether line extensions or net new brands. Udi‘s Gluten Free Foods, for example, launched a new, extensive line of gluten-free products including appetizers, breakfast foods, breads and desserts. These are not lining up to be $100 million blockbuster success stories, frankly, they don‘t need to because they fill a compelling need and should attract a loyal following. With morethan half of all shoppers eating at home today—more than prior to the recession—another important trend is the skewing of new product innovation to complete dinner solutions, which accounted for 23 percent of total sales, versus 18 percent on average in the 2002-2011 timeframe.

In the non-food sector, beauty care showed significant growth, with 40 new products introduced in 2011, welloutstripping the average in recent history. This growth underscores manufacturer reaction to shoppers‘ continued efforts to save money by giving themselves pro-quality salon and beauty treatments at home.
CPG marketers are really doing a phenomenal job listening and responding to consumers. They are capitalizing on opportunities and they are deftly navigating economy-driven hurdles. As our dynamicindustry continues to shift based on shoppers‘ changing needs and the technology at our disposal, I look forward to your comments, thoughts and observations.

Larry Levin Executive Vice President/General Manager, Consumer Insights

SymphonyIRI Group
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New Product Pacesetters: An Eye into the Future of CPG

Executive Summary:Turning Insights Into Action



While the overall pace of innovation slowed in 2011, manufacturer efforts to cater to home-based eating rituals and an increasing focus on targeted/niche market innovation helped support growth within the food and beverage arena

Be on the lookout across and outside of the CPG industry for emerging consumer trends and associatedopportunities to develop products that meet consumers‘ needs/wants

The vast majority of new products fail to garner more than $7.5 million in year one; only a select few of 2011 Pacesetters achieved $50 million or more

Set realistic and achievable forecasts for new product launches based upon detailed market assessments and modeling for all new launches

Consumers‘ quest for...
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