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The Complete
Amadeus Manual

Jasir Alavi

Sign In/ Sign Out


Amadeus Work Areas
Amadeus provides six (6) work areas in which a travel agent may sign-in to. These work areas are known as
Agent Assembly Areas (AAA’s). The work areas could be considered as six separate connections to
Amadeus where you can create or modify reservations. The six work areas are each given an identifier A through F.
The command to display the status of the work areas is:
Screen Display

Any work area will automatically sign-out if left idle for a 3-hour period. Any data pending in that work area will be ignored.
Sign In/Sign Out Command
The Amadeus system requires each user to sign-in and identify themselves so that the users sign-in code can be recorded in reservations. The sign-in command is often referred to as "Jump In" due to the command identifier JI.
There are two duty codes used in the JI command, Agent Sell (travel agents only) (AS) and Supervisor
Command Format

Other Commands and Options

Sign into all six work areas A, B, C, D, E, F.


Display your work area status.


Move from current work area to work area B.


Sign out of current work area only


Sign out of specific work area A (Jump Out)


Sign out of all work areas A/B/C/D/E/F


Move to work area C with existing Sign in by default

Practice Training


The Practice Training system is a part of the Amadeus Central System where you can simulate transactions.
In this way, you can experience working in the Amadeus Central System without affecting real flight inventory. The system appends the notation *TRN* to your screen displays to indicate that you are using Practice
The Practice Training system sign in command identifier is JJ.
Command Format
JJ /
Command Example


Sign next available work area into Practice Training system Screen Display


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