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On (ZMPMT), we pick up all parts of tool to put on Tip-code (IW38) and we start checking PMOrders, using the (SAP) as a (DATA BANK) to put together everything with details about your maintenance; Schedules, replaced parts, and repaired parts; routine inspection like extraction tests onconnectors, torque on PCBs and connectors and more. After all set and done release the order and then close the order. On tip-code (ZJTB), we going to Build parts (Boards) and dismantle parts that wasreplaced on the tool; If the PCB is not in our Plant we need to ask the responsible to transfer, during the transference time a comment need to be done at the Equipment Tracker (ZJAM) and soon as thetransference are made we have to build in the SAP, ask for the responsible from logistic to unship and then ship virtually back the tool for this to get done. Back at (ZMPMT) we pick up all parts oftool and add to asset tracker (ZJAM) to check Schedules Indicator, all of them need to be positive and available to get into ship. On (IW58) tip-code, we will check if there are any open notifications.On the (IE02) tip-code we’re going to add all tests and checklists a copy, if we are dealing with a new tool we need first create a folder for tests and another for the Travel-form andchecklists on (IW31) tip-code.
As our tools work by rent, on (IE02) tip-code we’re going to change the Functional Location from REPAIR to PETROBRAS for the company to get paid for the availability ofthe tool.
Finally we’re going to update our Time Sheet on (CAT2), and after that we also update the Tool on the MLWD-LAB Control at the Sperry web and the tool is free to go.-------------------------------------------------



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