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Workforce Project
Conted Accounting and Advisory


The objective of Workforce Planning is to help the company Conted, as assess, understand, and act on the implications of strategic change for its future workforce.

1. Supply and demand of labour

2.1 Review organization

The mission is: Provide personalized accounting services and advice to smallbusinesses to ensure financial success.

To work with small and medium businesses, improving every day and working to keep the quality level high.

Areas of growth
As all information is digitized, through downloads, optical readers, growing the number of industry analysis and reconciliation of information that is focused on the accounting and tax. The profession must be valued and shownthat the role of the accountant in the company does not merely fulfill legal obligations imposed by the Government to these entities.

Areas of decline
One of the weaknesses in the company is the competition. As the accountancy company is small, sometimes we fail to win customers.

1.1 SWOT Analysis

Strengths | Weakness |
Good Service | No logistics service |
Long time on themarket | No Marketing |
Experienced Employers | No website |
  |   |
Opportunities | Threats |
  |   |
Website | Competition |
More branches | Efficient - small business |
More systems |   |

2.2 Workforce Analysis

What are the organization’s current and future business, work functions and activities?
What our company needs each day more are professionals who know how toanalyze and develop strategies to solve future problems of our customers.

What are required workforce composition and competencies?
We need Experiences, graduation, learning teamwork employers and constant studies in accordance with the law, and good customer service.

What does the current and future labour market look like (regarding the availability of certain occupations and the peoplenecessary to fill them)?
With the high technology in our field, employees who know only type, are out. Each day we need more knowledge and know how to deal with customers, presenting results to help the customer get their focus.

How is the technology expected to change and how will these changes influence the type and number of jobs available and the skills and education needed for these jobs?
Withthe implementation of new computer programs, employees who only performed data entry are no longer required. Computer Science is taking over our area. Soon, we need to change the outsourced IT, by an employer specializing in technical support in technology.

2.3 Diversity Workforce
Our company is comprised of only women between 19 and 30 years. With the increase of the company, we willacquire more experienced and mature people (over 30 years). Also we would like to hire men who feel more courageous and ambitious in visiting our clients.

2.4 Workers and Skills
At the moment, our employees are sufficient and qualified. Jobs are very well divided and reconciled among themselves. However, with the increase of the company, we will need more skilled staff with experiencesin the area of taxation, since we have only a qualified and good employee.

2.5 Organization Structure

| | DIRECTOR | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
Manager | | Manager | | Manager |
Assistant | | Assistant | | Auxiliary |
Auxiliary | | Auxiliary | | |
| | | | |Auxiliary Assistant |
Receptionist |

2.6 Industry Analysis

The economy in Brazil has grown 0.4% in the 2nd half of 2012.
But since last year, the unemployment rate in Brazil has diminished greatly. But that does not mean everyone is employed and that all vacancies are filled.
In Brazil, we have a very specific issue, which is the problem of qualification. Specifically in our...