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Common Irregular Verb List
Base Form Abide Alight Arise Awake Be Bear Beat Become Begin Behold Bend Bet Bid Bid Bind Bite Bleed Blow Break Breed Bring Broadcast Build Burn Burst Bust Buy Cast Catch Choose Clap Cling Clothe Come Cost Creep Cut Dare Deal Dig Dive Do Draw Dream Drink Drive Dwell Eat Fall Feed Past Simple Abode/Abided Alit/Alighted Arose Awoke Was/Were Bore Beat Became Began BeheldBent Bet Bade Bid Bound Bit Bled Blew Broke Bred Brought Broadcast/Broadcasted Built Burnt/Burned Burst Bust Bought Cast Caught Chose Clapped/Clapt Clung Clad/Clothed Came Cost Crept Cut Dared/Durst Dealt Dug Dived/Dove Did Drew Dreamt/Dreamed Drank Drove Dwelt Ate Fell Fed Past Participle Abode/Abided/Abidden Alit/Alighted Arisen Awoken Been Born/Borne Beaten Become Begun Beheld Bent Bet BiddenBid Bound Bitten Bled Blown Broken Bred Brought Broadcast/Broadcasted Built Burnt/Burned Burst Bust Bought Cast Caught Chosen Clapped/Clapt Clung Clad/Clothed Come Cost Crept Cut Dared Dealt Dug Dived Done Drawn Dreamt/Dreamed Drunk Driven Dwelt Eaten Fallen Fed 3rd Person Singular Abides Alights Arises Awakes Is Bears Beats Becomes Begins Beholds Bends Bets Bids Bids Binds Bites Bleeds Blows BreaksBreeds Brings Broadcasts Builds Burns Bursts Busts Buys Casts Catches Chooses Claps Clings Clothes Comes Costs Creeps Cuts Dares Deals Digs Dives Does Draws Dreams Drinks Drives Dwells Eats Falls Feeds Present Participle / Gerund Abiding Alighting Arising Awaking Being Bearing Beating Becoming Beginning Beholding Bending Betting Bidding Bidding Binding Biting Bleeding Blowing Breaking BreedingBringing Broadcasting Building Burning Bursting Busting Buying Casting Catching Choosing Clapping Clinging Clothing Coming Costing Creeping Cutting Daring Dealing Digging Diving Doing Drawing Dreaming Drinking Driving Dwelling Eating Falling Feeding

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Feel Fight Find Fit Flee Fling Fly Forbid Forecast Foresee Foretell Forget Forgive Forsake Freeze Frostbite Get Give Go Grind Grow Handwrite Hang Have Hear Hide Hit Hold Hurt Inlay Input Interlay Keep Kneel Knit KnowLay Lead Lean Leap Learn Leave Lend Let Lie Light Lose Make Mean Meet Melt Mislead Mistake Misunderstand Miswed Mow Overdraw Overhear

Felt Fought Found Fit/Fitted Fled Flung Flew Forbade/Forbad Forecast/Forecasted Foresaw Foretold Forgot Forgave Forsook Froze Frostbit Got Gave Went Ground Grew Handwrote Hung/Hanged Had Heard Hid Hit Held Hurt Inlaid Input/Inputted Interlaid Kept Knelt/KneeledKnit/Knitted Knew Laid Led Leant/Leaned Leapt/Leaped Learnt/Learned Left Lent Let Lay Lit Lost Made Meant Met Melted Misled Mistook Misunderstood Miswed/Miswedded Mowed Overdrew Overheard

Felt Fought Found Fit/Fitted Fled Flung Flown Forbidden Forecast/Forecasted Foreseen Foretold Forgotten Forgiven Forsaken Frozen Frostbitten Got/Gotten Given Gone/Been Ground Grown Handwritten Hung/Hanged Had HeardHidden Hit Held Hurt Inlaid Input/Inputted Interlaid Kept Knelt/Kneeled Knit/Knitted Known Laid Led Leant/Leaned Leapt/Leaped Learnt/Learned Left Lent Let Lain Lit Lost Made Meant Met Molten/Melted Misled Mistaken Misunderstood Miswed/Miswedded Mown Overdrawn Overheard

Feels Fights Finds Fits Flees Flings Flies Forbids Forecasts Foresees Foretells Forgets Forgives Forsakes Freezes Frostbites GetsGives Goes Grinds Grows Handwrites Hangs Has Hears Hides Hits Holds Hurts Inlays Inputs Interlays Keeps Kneels Knits Knows Lays Leads Leans Leaps Learns Leaves Lends Lets Lies Lights Loses Makes Means Meets Melts Misleads Mistake Misunderstands Misweds Mows Overdraws Overhears

Feeling Fighting Finding Fitting Fleeing Flinging Flying Forbidding Forecasting Foreseeing Foretelling Foregetting...