Valentine's day no brasil e nos estados unidos

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The Valentine's Day is a commemorative day, unofficial, intended for couples in love. It is tradition to exchange gifts, chocolates and cards with messages of love between lovers orpeople who love each other. Here in Brazil, this date is celebrated on June 12. In other countries like the United States, for example, the celebration takes place on February 14 (Valentine's Day).Origin of Valentine’s Day (February 14)

The commemoration of this day dates back to the Roman Empire. A Catholic bishop, St. Valentine, was forbidden to perform marriages by a Roman Emperor.However, the bishop broke the imperial order and continued with the celebration of marriage, but in secret. He was arrested by soldiers and sentenced to death. While in prison, received several tickets andcards, young lovers, valuing the love, passion and marriage. Bishop Valentine was beheaded on February 14th of the year 270.
In his honor, this date has been earmarked for dating couples and love.The celebration is now held every June 14, the first in Europe and then in the U.S.

Origin of Valentine's Day in Brazil (June 12)

In Brazil, the data presents a very different story, because itis related to the Portuguese friar Fernando de Bouillon. In his religious preaching, the Father always stressed the importance of love and marriage. Due to their posts after being deemed holy, gainedfame as "matchmaker”. Therefore, in our country has chosen the date of June 12 for being the eve of St. Anthony (June 13). As in many countries around the world, here is also tradition to exchangegifts and cards between dating couples.

Valentine's Day in the United States

In the United States is called Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Celebrated on February 14, the celebration is done in adifferent way from Brazil. In the U.S. the date is celebrated mainly by lovers, married couples, honeymooners, friends and people who love (between parents and children is also common). Those who love...
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